4 Tips You Need To Design The Perfect Home Office

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tips for the perfect home office

A home office can be a place of total efficiency and productivity and a spot full of distractions. It all depends on your mentality and the way you design it. With the right approach, you can create an atmosphere that’s all about high levels of productivity, successful projects, and an unquestionable focus on work. To help you design the perfect home office, we’ve put together a list with all the tips and strategies you need to keep in mind and follow to keep you as productive as possible.

Whether you telecommute from home a few days a month, work from home all the time, or just trying out your freelancing capabilities, you need more than just a chair, a desk, a lamp, and your laptop. It takes more to engineer an environment that helps you maintain the productivity you need to remain on top of your work game.

1. Pick the perfect spot in the house for your office

Yes, finding your hot spot in a spacious house is not a hard thing to do. But don’t think that picking an ideal place is all that challenging in a smaller apartment. With a bit of creativity, you can easily dedicate a workspace even if you have a smaller space to work with. The main idea is to separate your relaxation and comfort area from your workspace.

Of course, even if you have a dedicated space for your work, you don’t have to spend all your time there. If you’re flexible and feel like you can be productive on your couch, at the kitchen table, or outside, go for it. Some people become more productive when they change their work environment. If you’re one of them, give it a try and see how it works for you.

2. Clean and organized

Clutter is the number one enemy of a productive home office. You have to figure out a way to keep it clean and organized at all times so that you can work in peace without the distractions caused by too much mess and clutter. Always try to keep your work desk clean:

  • Put your empty mugs in the dishwasher
  • Organize your papers and files
  • Clean your laptop and other gadgets a few times a week
  • Try to keep a dedicated set of work supplies near you

Having everything organized is the key to keeping your productivity high. When you have to search for missing stuff or get distracted by the mess you have on your desk, you set yourself up for frustration and failure. Also, say no to eating at your desk. Yes, it might sound appealing, but one moment of not paying attention can lead to a disaster in the form of a soup spill.

3. Nature’s embrace in your home office

If it’s possible, make your home office a connection between your house/apartment and nature. Try to choose a spot with a window with a view of your garden, a tree, a park, or whatever that makes you feel closer to nature. It’s also a great idea to have at least one plant in your home office. It’s a scientific fact that having something green and alive near you when you work helps you destress and create a calming, relaxing environment.

In addition to a natural touch, don’t forget about the importance of lighting. An ideal option is to have as much natural sunlight as possible. And at night, go for a lamp or lighting system that gives you warm and soothing colors, creating a cozy atmosphere that aids you in being productive and creative.

4. Ergonomics all the way

When you’ve worked at your office, you had a setup that relied on ergonomic supplies, helping you work without back, neck and other kinds of pains coming from sitting a few hours straight. Of course, your home office can ergonomically sound, too. Think of your health and purchase those much-needed items and tools that will allow you to work with a better posture.

It’s no secret that usually laptop users are the ones who have a more inadequate posture and wrist position. If you have the same problem, give a laptop stand a try and use an external mouse and keyboard to fix your posture. Also, investing in a standing desk and using that for at least a few hours a day is another excellent idea.

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