Jersey City Now the Most Expensive US City for Renters

by Mary Sparago
Jersey City Most Expensive Rent in US

Move over, NYC. 

Despite Manhattan’s reputation for a high cost of living, luxury apartments, and rising taxes, its prices are now bowing to a new behemoth—Jersey City. The Garden State city is commonly referred to as New York City’s sixth borough based on its proximity and relationship to the metropolis. As of June, its average rent has surpassed other pricey cities, making it the most expensive U.S. city for renters. So, just how pricey is Jersey City and why?

Rent On The Rise

With an average rent of $5,500 a month, Jersey City’s prices surged past every other famously expensive municipality—including Miami, San Francisco, and Boston. Powered by a 20-month swell in the rental market, the area’s inflation has hindered many would-be renters from moving in. But what’s driving the prices?

jersey city rent increase 2022

Jersey City has grown as an epicenter of culture in New Jersey over the last decade and with that growth, comes higher priced rentals.

Throughout the U.S., rent is up seven percent overall. There is a high demand for homes, primarily among young adults and recent graduates. However, as many prospective homebuyers may have noticed, there is low inventory. High demand and short supply have caused prices to jump outside the budgets of first-time buyers. This, compounded by hiking interest rates, drives most consumers towards rentals as they wait for the market to cool. 

Flooding the rental market with consumers then, in turn, justifies raising rent. While it typically increases once per year—during the time of lease renewals—the influx of tenants has resulted in a hot market. Meanwhile, landlords still recovering from pandemic-related rent moratoriums continue driving up prices to satisfy their deficits. In some cases, they’re factoring in two years’ worth of losses. 

Booming demand, rising prices, rapid gentrification, and stark competition have resulted in a seller’s market. And, for some reason, it’s hit Jersey City particularly hard. 

Jersey City Rent

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Jersey City: The Commuter Hub

One staunch and likely permanent change has stormed the nation over the last two years—working from home. According to research, prices rose the highest in tech hubs and big cities, like Santa Monica and Silicon Valley. During this time, as many offices closed from the pandemic, tenants fled to cheaper nearby regions. Especially for companies choosing hybrid workplaces, many employees sacrificed proximity for cheaper living and longer yet less frequent commutes. 

For the waves of tenants flocking from NYC, no destination shone brighter than Jersey City. Using the PATH, commuters could easily return to the city when needed. In the meantime, they’d enjoy cheaper prices in a sanctuary outside Manhattan. 

At least, that was the idea. 

However, the sudden migration created a spark of opportunity for landlords and rental companies. Between June 2021 and 2022, Jersey City saw a 66 percent increase in rent, hoisting the average from $3,308 to $5,500. Now those numbers can certainly be inflated as it is impossible to find cheaper living spaces below that range. However, factoring in the city’s most exclusive areas brings the rental average considerably high.

So, will the prices go down? 

In a word: unlikely. At least not below pre-pandemic rent. As migration from NYC to Jersey City continues, more companies are investing in luxury apartments. For the average New Yorker (even the typical New Jerseyan), more space and newer amenities are difficult to overlook. For a comparable price to Manhattan, tenants can live in much nicer lodging. At the moment, more than 6,000 new units are in development, with an estimated completion date of 2026.  

While the market will eventually simmer, the construction of luxury, high-rise living may sustain Jersey City’s heightened average rental cost. And with new hybrid and online professions, those apartments are gold mines for commuters. 

NJ Cities

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Expensive, But Worth It

None of this is to say living in Jersey City is an unattainable dream. The cost of rent varies based on size, location, and amenities. And, for many, the price speaks to its variety of attractions. 

For locals and newcomers, the city opens its doors to vibrant nightlife, diverse cultures, and delicious cuisine. Whether you’re renting, visiting, or just popping by, there’s a reason its popularity is growing throughout the nation. So, if you’re looking for a place to settle down or start up, take a look at what makes Jersey City the choice for many. 

About the Author/s

Mary Sparago is 22-year-old creative writing and policy enthusiast who's always looking for new dogs to pet. In her spare time, Mary enjoys listening to K-pop and playing video games.

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Charlie Manucci September 28, 2022 - 6:21 pm

Jersey City is a dump is a dump and anyone who pays those ludicrous rents is a moron.This is coming from someone who was born and raised in Jersey City.Just a couple more years till retirement and I’m out of this cesspool of a city and state 🙄

JJ September 28, 2022 - 7:13 pm


Marilyn September 29, 2022 - 6:16 am

Thank you Mayor Fillip for making moves like Hollywood in remaking what was already done. You turned Jersey City into NYC and it’s over populated with people looking to live the city life and our schools are jam packed. The city has a suffering budget for which the public school system is being blamed – no mention of those 30 yr tax rebates given to those scamming developers who are building up parts of JC that are remaining EMPTY. Great job in earning a thumbs down.

NYC and JC Commercial Lender October 2, 2022 - 10:57 am

This might be the worst researched article ever presented. If anyone believes Jersey City rents are higher than NYC then they have no right to write about the subject. Those rents are only being achieved in a small part of Jersey City and do not represent the entire rental market.


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