The Health Issues Those Who Use Bard PowerPorts are Susceptible to

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Bard PowerPorts are a type of tunneled central venous catheter, a thin, flexible tube placed into a large vein in the chest. These implants allow healthcare providers to deliver medications, fluids, and nutrition directly into the bloodstream, bypassing smaller peripheral veins.

This can be useful for patients who require long-term treatment or have difficulty accessing peripheral veins. However, you may wonder about your options if you’ve experienced complications following a Bard PowerPort implantation.

Proving liability in a Bard PowerPort lawsuit is complex and requires a lot of effort. It’s crucial to consult an experienced attorney to understand your rights and get the best possible outcome.

Understanding Bard PowerPorts

Imagine a thin, flexible straw – essentially what a Bard PowerPort looks like. Unlike a regular straw, though, this medical device is placed into a large vein in your chest during a minimally invasive procedure.  The tip of the catheter rests near your heart, providing direct access to the central venous system. 

This central location allows healthcare professionals to administer medications, fluids, and nutrition directly into your bloodstream. This proves particularly beneficial for people undergoing long-term treatment or those with challenges using smaller veins in their arms or hands.

Potential Health Risks of Bard PowerPorts

While Bard PowerPorts offers a convenient way to deliver medications and fluids, there are some potential health risks to consider.


Since any insertion procedure disrupts the skin’s natural barrier, there’s always a risk of infection with Bard PowerPorts. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream during implantation or through routine access during use. These infections can become severe, potentially leading to bloodstream infections that can spread throughout the body.

Catheter Dysfunction

Bard PowerPorts are mechanical devices; like any machine, they can malfunction. Blockages can occur due to blood clots or medication residue accumulating within the catheter. Dislodgement happens when the catheter accidentally moves from its intended position, disrupting treatment and potentially damaging surrounding tissues.

Other Complications

Other potential complications associated with Bard PowerPorts include blood clot formation (thrombosis) in the veins and superior vena cava syndrome, which occurs when a blockage in the superior vena cava, a large vein near the heart, disrupts blood flow.

Management and Prevention of Complications

The good news is that you and your healthcare team can take steps to minimize the risk of complications with Bard PowerPorts. During insertion, meticulous sterile technique is crucial to reducing the chance of infection. Proper care and cleaning of the access site are also essential for preventing bacteria from entering the catheter.

It’s essential to be aware of signs and symptoms that might indicate a problem, such as redness, swelling, or fever around the insertion site. If you experience discomfort, difficulty accessing the port, or unusual changes in your breathing, it’s crucial to notify your healthcare provider immediately. Early detection and intervention can help prevent complications from becoming more serious.

Alternatives to Bard PowerPorts

Depending on your needs and medical history, alternative central venous access devices may be suitable options. These alternatives might include peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) or implanted ports from other manufacturers.

However, the decision about the most appropriate access device should always be made after consulting your healthcare professional, who can weigh the risks and benefits based on your situation.

Importance of Consulting a Healthcare Professional

Bard PowerPorts can be a valuable tool for delivering medications and fluids. Still, having an open and honest conversation with your doctor about the benefits and risks is crucial. Your healthcare provider can assess your needs and medical history to determine if a Bard PowerPort is the right option. If you have any concerns or questions about Bard PowerPorts, please bring them up with your doctor.

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