Gone Glamping: Luxury Camping in New Jersey

by Jared Berberabe
Glamping in New Jersey

New Jersey is no stranger to camping. Home to various running trails, forests, and mountains, the state offers much to do for a person who wants to enjoy the great outdoors. But sometimes people don’t want to engage in something largely considered strenuous and uncomfortable. Luckily, there is a more comfortable fun alternative to regular camping that’s become more popular in New Jersey these days: glamping. 

What is Glamping?

Officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in 2016, “glamping” is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping.” The OED defines it as “A form of camping that involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” 

Though it has a modern application, the activity was common in as early as the 16th century. An excerpt from “The Historie and Croniclis of Scotland” discusses how the Duke of Atholl built “a remarkable, lavish hunting lodge” for King James V, his mother, and an ambassador of the Pope for them to reside in during their trip to the Highlands. The Duke built tents outfitted with numerous provisions and amenities to make the royals comfortable. 

Though palatial tent-living is no longer common, lavishness and provisions continue to define modern-day glamping. Many of these accommodations are designed to make the camping experience less “rough.” As such, glampers get to use a variety of amenities to enhance and add onto their experience. They can employ contemporary amenities such as electric ceiling fans, air conditioning units, and other appliances designed to ease the camping experience. Additionally, certain guides recommend people pack Bluetooth speakers, portable game consoles, and even smart sleeping bags.

Glamping in New Jersey

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Glampers also benefit from being able to set up in non-traditional camping locations. They can settle in safari tents, treehouses, cabins, farmhouses, and trailers. For those who want an eco-friendly experience, certain glamping practices offer eco-cubes and eco-domes. But the perfect place to glamp can be your own backyard. With the right equipment, you can turn your lot of land into a great glamping experience. This makes glamping a widely accessible opportunity for those wishing to dip their feet into exploring the outdoors on a much smoother level.

The Pros and Cons of Glamping

Glamping’s accessibility is part of its popularity. For many, it’s a great way to get into camping without having to plunge blindly into the “roughin’ it” mindset. This is especially appealing to families who want their kids to get some fresh air without risking the discomfort of traditional camping. 

The many amenities you can find or bring also add to its appeal. Having access to smartphones and Wi-Fi can not only be widely convenient, but also reassuring. Furthermore, 2020’s travel restrictions made close-to-home glamping a strongly desired option. 

However, this doesn’t mean glamping isn’t without its detriments. Compared to camping, it can cost more, depending on what site you go to and what you bring. It also, by its very premise, isn’t the same as a traditional camping experience. For those who get a thrill from pitting their wits against nature, glamping might not be their go-to outdoor activity. 

Glamping Spots in New Jersey

If you’re interested in going glamping in New Jersey, you don’t need to scour the Internet for the best places. Generally speaking, any campground can become a glamping spot. Popular locations include Cape May, the Highlands, and the Appalachian Trail

Glamping in New Jersey

Image by lmcpy

However, if you’re looking for glamping hosts to rent, here are a few worth checking out.

1. Superb Glamping Tipi on Fun Family Resort – Wildwood, Cape May

This tipi set-up can host up to six guests and comes with five modern bathhouses and their own towels. An outdoor eating area allows guests to still enjoy campfire rituals. 

2. Welcoming Cabin on a Lakefront Campsite – Cape May, New Jersey

This cabin is pet-friendly and comes with two private houses. Up to six guests can enjoy the simple space. A few of the amenities include two game rooms, three swimming pools, and the two large lakes nearby. 

3. Peaceful Getaway Secluded in the Woods – Newton, New Jersey

A nature lodge capable of hosting three guests, this glamping site is great for those looking for a quiet, outdoor experience. Along with providing the opportunity to gaze at the surrounding wildlife, the lodge offers a flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi.

4. Glamping Tree House Near Sea Isle City Beach – Ocean View, New Jersey

Bunking in a treehouse can be one of the most fun ways of getting closer to nature. Along with a natural feel, this glamping location lets guests relax on the outside decking or use the fire ring for nighttime hangouts. Its proximity to the beach also gives guests yet another activity to do. 

5. Lovely Suite Rental at Countryside Bed and Breakfast – Long Valley, New Jersey

The rental comes furnished with a king-size bed or two twin singles, as well as a private bathroom. A variety of communal areas, including the fireplaces and reading room, allow guests to relax in comfort and splendor. Moreover, guests will be served a complete country breakfast every morning. 

The website GlampingHub provides more of these glamping spots across the state, with approximately 30 locations available. Check it out for each spots’ specific amenities and services. 

Have you ever gone glamping in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature image courtesy of Tim Peterson

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