Artisanal Sweet Treats Bazaar

by Victoria Keenan

Artisanal Sweet Treats Bazaar


This past Sunday, October 23rd, The Artisanal Sweet Treats Bazaar was held on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and gave NYC a taste of some hauntingly good sweets and treats. Everything from doughnuts, cookies and chocolates, to pork sandwiches and pick your own pickles were set up from over 25 most talented small sweet and savory makers. Also set up were over 100 vendors throughout the market, displaying their goods. Once you picked up some sweet and salty treats, you could explore vendors showing off jewelry, clothing, rugs, mirrors, vintage and antique dish and teacup sets, handmade soaps, and much more. Artisanal Sweet Treat Bazaar

Artisanal Sweet Treat Bazaar Some of the Digest staff spent the beautiful fall day exploring all that the Sweet Treats Bazaar had to offer, and picked up some goodies there as well as to take home. While walking around, we tasted the creations from Nuchas Empanadas, who served hot and yummy empanadas in an array of flavors. There was The Hungry Gnome, who sold scones straight out of the oven (the cheddar and chive being our favorite) and Bruffin, who offered deliciously filled sweet and savory bites, with the texture of a croissant and the shape of a muffin. We tried the Chocolate Salted Caramel with Bacon and the Blueberry Cheesecake Mascarpone, both pipping hot and delectable. There was also the Tornado Potato, a giant stick of thin spiraled potatoes with seasoning. To take home, we grabbed Black Label Doughnuts, stuffed with fillings such as matcha and pumpkin five spice, and Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop, who served up a variety of cookies such as s’mores, caramel apple oatmeal, and pumpkin.

Grand Bazaar NYC is the city’s largest curated weekly market. It is open and free to the public every Sunday, indoors and outdoors, with over 100 amazing vendors offering the finest and most distinctive goods, including antiques, vintage collectibles, art, jewelry, artisanal foods. Grand Bazaar NYC donates 100 percent of its proceeds to four neighborhood public schools, benefiting over 4,000 children.

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