LSC After Dark Brings “Adults Only” To The Liberty Science Center

by Brian McHugh

Who said the Liberty Science Center is just for kids? This afternoon the Liberty Science Center will close its doors at 4:00 p.m., as it always does. Kids will be pulled out of the front doors, parents and chaperones will corral their charges towards the parking lot, and inside, the Liberty Science Center will undergo a radical transformation.

At 6:00 p.m. the doors will open for the LSC After Dark: Sexy Science party. There will be exclusive exhibits, a dance floor with a DJ, and guests will have free range over the whole of the science center — which means finally no kids hogging the Infinity Climber.

Oh, and there will be a bar. Guests will be able to load up on beer and wine and enjoy tequila and mezcal, courtesy of Jersey Wine and Spirits. Guests will be able to get hands-on with explosive experiments involving Mentos and condoms, learn about their muscles as they pole-dance, and receive bottled pheromones while out on the dance floor.

Only at the LSC After Dark can you learn about pheromones, drink tequila, dance, and use glo-sticks to clamber through the Touch Tunnel.

LSC After Dark is no half-baked attempt at appealing to a wider audience. Past events have included a 14ft. volcano on the dance floor, and a jungle gym suspended overhead for people to dance in. LSC After Dark, since it began this past August, has had a Star Wars theme, a speakeasy theme, a zombie/end-of-the-world theme. They’ve had mixed drinks with dry-ice, dance contests, DJ’s, and laser light shows.

Yes, laser light shows, every third Thursday of the month, as a part of your entrance to LSC After Dark. Tonight, the LSC IMAX is showing a Foo Fighters laser light show, and in the past they’ve done David Bowie and Prince.

LSC After Dark begins tonight at 6 p.m. and will last until 10 p.m. So, go, have a few drinks, enjoy the Infinity Climber and the Foo Fighters and finally learning why your hands sweat whenever your latest crush happens to stand next to you. Who knows? You might even ignite some new chemistry in the Touch Tunnel.

If you’re worried about transportation back from the LSC After Dark party, not to worry: you can find a Day Tripper shuttle at the Grove Street PATH Station, which will take you directly to the laser-lit dance floor at the LSC, and safely back home again.

Tickets are $20 per person; $25 at the door.

The Liberty Science Center has a bar, the Foo Fighters, and no kids; the awesomeness of adulthood has been amplified by an order of several magnitudes.

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