Princeton’s Hodder Fellowship Offers Artists $88k Stipend

by Will Rittweger
princeton university hodder grant

What do artists do when they struggle to make ends meet? Where can writers turn to when they’ve written their hearts out and need another page to bleed onto? Does money flow to the creatives or the opportunists? Seething issues tear through the ever-changing artistic and literary world in 2022.

As the digital age treks on and the ever-increasing accessibility of our communication resources make it easy for a Singapore entrepreneur to do business with a Canadian customer in seconds, the gap between the good and the great skyrockets. Nearly every adult and child you know has a formidable camera along with an encyclopedia of tools in their pocket. Anybody can create. The social media pages we scatter to in our downtime are clustered with things you don’t need to see, but are on display regardless. Do you know exactly what you want to see from paintings, films, and books nowadays?

The Hodder Fellowship

Princeton University provides a promising opportunity to five lucky artists and writers known as the Hodder Fellowship. While every person on the planet could do wonders with an $88,000 stipend, an artist could make that supplement stretch even further than you could imagine. The Hodder Fellowship has been rewarding individuals of significant literary promise since 1944 and began including artists other than writers in that pool of talent in 2013.

Princeton University Art Museum

Along with the stipend, winners are rewarded with a $5,000 research expense fund, access to the prestigious university’s facilities for a 10-month academic year, and the renowned fellowship title. Many flock to the application page to try their hand at securing the fellowship, however, only five are chosen. These award winners are announced every spring semester. Princeton University applies its education programs and this fellowship to garner incredible talent from every field to the state and the campus.

Image by Roxana Crusemire

Image by Roxana Crusemire

Growing Opportunities In NJ

Most people, let alone most artists, do not know about this incredible opportunity. Add it to the growing list of attractive prospects for creatives in the state and NJ suddenly looks like one of the premier destinations for aspiring artists and the like. As the state has become a hotbed of creative diversity and artistic excellence over the past few years, legislation has additionally provided tax incentives to attract high-budget filmmakers to make movies in the Garden State. Many appetizing projects have been made in recent years and you can expect to see the decentralizing film and television industry’s incredible artists and craftsmen flock to New Jersey. Look out for what the winners of the Hodder Fellowship do.

Each applicant has to provide a detailed project proposal in their application. The University is looking for promising individuals who will create something that lasts.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

If you’re concerned that every other film you see in theaters is an intellectual property movie, such as that of Marvel, DC, comic books, video games, or remakes, keep your hopes up— the originals are out there! There are opportunities where the innovative types can find support from esteemed institutions and it is entirely possible that the fellowship could expand their quantity of annual winners, further opening the door for many more young talents to bring something fresh to your local bookstore and your social media feed.

Princeton University, New jersey, USA

Time and time again has the state seen creatives appear from out of nowhere then go elsewhere to foster their abilities and make a living, but this is the dawn of a new age. An age where not only professionals with money and means, but newcomers with talent and potential, are both presented with various incentives to bring their talents to the Garden State, giving us eager spectators something refreshing to enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of next year’s winners. Then, watch them blossom. 

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