NJ Native Brings Bone Broth Craze to The Garden State

by Kayla Mutchler
beauty & the broth

New Jersey is home to plenty of firsts. From the invention of saltwater taffy to Monopoly, there are loads of innovations that started right here in the Garden State. Melissa Boloña, a Rumson native, is adding her ingestible beauty company, Bone & the Broth, to that list. 

What exactly is “ingestible beauty?” Well, it’s just what it sounds like. Similar to other ingestible beauty products such as collagen and vitamin supplements, bone broth contains healthy, edible ingredients to improve your well-being. In Boloña’s case, she created the company Beauty & the Broth, which is a shelf-stable, direct-to-consumer, customizable bone broth.

Bringing Bone Broth to NJ & The Benefits

In Boloña’s travels, she noticed that bone broth was not readily accessible in the New Jersey region as compared to other areas. So, she created Beauty & the Broth, where consumers can order it right to their home to take on the go. 

This bone broth features many health benefits. It is prepared with high-quality, organic ingredients such as ginger, carrots, mushrooms, and kale, as well as chicken and beef bones. Slowly simmered, the concentrate in this formula is two times more potent than regular broths and eight times more potent in concentrate form. It is even 100 percent USDA organic.

beauty & the broth

The Beef Bone Broth Box | Photo by Beauty & the Broth

By ingesting this bone broth, you can experience stronger nails, shinier hair, glowing skin, boosted immunity, enhanced energy levels, and an overall well-being. 

The benefits come from the simple and clean ingredients. They fit into multiple diets, such as paleo, gluten-free, salt-free, and keto-friendly. Cooked with a slow-simmer process, it creates a higher quality product that preserves natural flavors, compounds, proteins, and collagens.

Future Projects

For Boloña, bone broth has changed her life. “Believe it or not, it’s given me motivation and cleared my brain fog–while in turn giving me glowing skin from the inside out.” 

Just like the saying goes, Boloña believes that “you are what you eat.” Beauty & the Broth has even become a staple that she has right after her morning coffee. 

beauty & the broth

Founder Melissa Boloña | Photo by Beauty & the Broth

“I have learned greatly that good skin and wellness comes from the gut,” she said.

Boloña wants to continue sharing the message about bone broth since it has made a great difference in her life. 

“I believe that bone broth will improve not only brain fog and clarity in consumer’s lifestyles, but it will also help them to achieve healthy skin, hair, and nails while healing their inflammation and keeping their immunity up.”

And Beauty & the Broth’s desire for home-brought health doesn’t stop there. Starting this fall, they will launch a vegan formula. Eventually, they hope to add a new line of beauty blends to enhance their bone broths.

You can order from Beauty & the Broth’s website for nationwide delivery.

Main photo by Beauty & the Broth

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