The Best Fitness Podcasts to Help Achieve Your Goals in 2021

by Jamie Corter
best fitness podcasts 2021

As we enter 2021 and set new fitness goals for the year, surround yourself with inspirational content that keeps you dedicated to achieving your resolutions. If you’re tired of the same old Youtube videos and Pinterest postsbut are still looking for a motivational and educational outlet—consider turning to fitness podcasts. Join professional athletes, educators, and trainers as they share their personal stories and expertise on a wide range of health topics. From gaining knowledge on injury prevention to preparing for your first marathon, there’s sure to be a series you’ll enjoy on this lineup. Here are the best fitness podcasts you should check out to help achieve your 2021 goals! 

1. 20 Minute Fitness

Navigating the fitness world is an intimidating task as an exercise newbie, but podcasts like “20 Minute Fitness” are here to help! Designed to educate fitness novices, this podcast teaches its listeners about the technical aspects of working out. Become a better athlete by learning about important fitness topics like injury prevention, exercise burnout, hydration, and fitness nutrition. Intermittently, listeners will also hear from motivational guest speakers such as big-time industry experts, Shaun T and Brian Keane. In spite of its name, most episodes are longer than 20 minutes but spending that extra time might just transform you from a trainee into a trainer. Tune in every Thursday for answers to some of the fitness questions you may feel too insecure to ask! 

2. Diet Starts Tomorrow

Hosted by Betches co-founders, Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein, the “Diet Starts Tomorrow” podcast is best described in one word: unfiltered. This series is a realistic take on the somewhat hyper-aspirational realm of all things health, weight-loss, and fitness. With episodes like, “Tips on Not Binging While on Vacation,” and “What Do I Do When My Friends Talk About Dieting?” you know exactly what you’re getting into when listening to these candid conversations. Join Kuperman and Fishbein as they help listeners navigate the health and fitness world with confidence. Episodes average between 15 and 50 minutes long and are posted every few days. 

3. Hurdle

As the saying goes, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. But what if the one could potentially help better the other? “Hurdle,” hosted by Emily Abbate, chats with those who have overcome tough times by incorporating wellness into their lives. Weekly guests include everyone from casual 5k runners to Olympians, all who have a story to tell about how exercise has influenced their mental health. Listeners will always walk away from an episode of “Hurdle” feeling inspired to better their mind and body through exercise! New episodes are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

4. The Rambling Runner

Are you new to running and looking for a judgment-free podcast to follow? “The Rambling Runner” hosted by Matt Chittim is the perfect series to listen to. With more than 300 episodes to choose from, this podcast is made for and about dedicated amateur runners. Follow Chittim as he talks about balancing your passion for running with your job, family, friends, and everything else life throws at you. Guest co-hosts sporadically join Chittim to discuss everything from sneaker reviews to the effects of stress. Lace-up your running shoes, pop in your earbuds, and join The Rambling Runner every week. 

5. Marathon Training Academy

Cross the finish line of your first marathon with the help from “Marathon Training Academy.” This bi-weekly podcast delivered by coach, marathoner, and registered nurse, Angie Spencer, explains how you can go from couch to marathon in a matter of weeks. Follow along as fellow runners share their marathon stories as well as practical, real-world advice to unlock your inner athlete. Episodes cover important race day topics such as pacing strategies and metabolism, so you’re prepared to accomplish your first 26.2 miles. If running a marathon is on your 2021 bucket list, “Marathon Training Academy” is one of the best fitness podcasts to tune in to. 

6. The Dumbells

Who says fitness can’t be funny? “The Dumbbells” podcast is here to make working out more entertaining! Improv comedians, Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger are the hilarious hosts of this fitness podcast which delivers useful exercise information in a fun yet motivational way. Both entertainers have an extensive fitness background, as Cordero is a former CrossFit trainer and Stanger is an ex-college football star. The Dumbbells offer advice on everything from training to nutrition to lifestyle issues—including executing goals and exercise class nightmares. If you’re looking to spice up your boring workout routine, join “The Dumbbells” every Wednesday for informative fitness guidance. 

7. Life in the Peloton

If you’re trying to get into cycling, “Life in the Peloton,” is one of the best fitness podcasts to listen to in 2021. Hosted by Australian pro-cyclist Mitch Docker, this series gives listeners a glimpse into the professional cycling world. Started in 2016, this podcast was a creative way to share the stories of athletes Docker met within the cycling community. Docker has always loved chatting with fellow athletes and after some time, he realized that cycling fans were interested in these conversations too! While “Life in the Peloton” is on a current hiatus, podcast fanatics can check out the library of previously posted episodes.

8. Yoga Girl Daily

Channel your inner yogi and start every morning with Yoga Girl Daily. Hosted by Rachel Brathen, an Internet-famous yoga teacher and New York Times best-selling author, these short, ten-minute episodes are perfect for busy bees looking for a moment to settle their restless minds. The podcast aspires of providing daily inspiration to women working toward self-acceptance and personal fulfillment. Brathen covers a wide range of topics in these bite-sized episodes, including mindfulness, astrology, and the physical practice of yoga. The program themes also include guided meditation tips and positive affirmations such as “I will be gentle with myself” and “I will anchor with gratitude.” Find a few minutes every Monday through Friday to share a moment of peace with Brathen and better yourself through the study of yoga. 

 9. 40+ Plus

Are you over the age of 40 and finding it more difficult to live an active, healthy lifestyle? You’re not alone! Hosted by Allan Misner, “40+ Fitness” is a podcast tailored for individuals in their forties, fifties, sixties, and above. Join Misner and fellow experts every Monday as they discuss a multitude of topics relevant to this age group. Conversations consider one’s relationship with alcohol, cholesterol, back pain, diabetes, and a slew of other subjects. Additionally, Misner regularly shares stories from his remarkable fitness journey with his listeners; recently, he has lost 55 lbs in addition to becoming a personal trainer and functional aging specialist. Improve your health and get more fit than you have been in decades with the help of “40+ Fitness.” 

10. No Meat Athlete

When trying to lose weight, cultivating the right diet is just as important as finding the right workout routine. But with so much information on nutrition out there, where do you begin? The “No Meat Athlete” podcast is great for those looking to incorporate more of a plant-based diet into their regular meal prep. Ultrarunner and cookbook author, Matt Frazier is the host of this weekly show, and he’s here to dispel the notion that all serious athletes must eat meat. On “No Meat Athlete,” listeners will routinely hear from fitness experts about the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it can promote weight loss, boost your energy levels, and more. Talking points also include motivation, behaviors, setting goals, and recovering from workouts. With more than 300 episodes uploaded, “No Meat Athlete” should definitely be added to your list of the best fitness podcasts to listen to in 2021.

11. The First 40 Miles

Want to take up hiking but don’t know where to start? Fear not— “The First 40 Miles” was made with the beginner backpacker in mind. This podcast, hosted by Josh and Heather Legler, helps hiking newcomers learn the basics of backpacking. As novices themselves, the Leglers share all about their first trips and what they’ve learned along the way. In each episode, listeners will gain tips on lightening their load, navigation, and making the most of their time on the trail. While “The First 40 Miles” is no longer producing episodes, there is a huge backlog of shows on their website. Grab your pack, hit the trail, and enjoy the wonderful health benefits of being outside!

Are there any other fitness podcasts to look out for in 2021? Let us know the best ones in the comments below!

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