The Best Essential Oils for Every Mood (2020 Updated List)

by Juliana Rodrigues
essential oils for every mood

We all go through waves of emotionwhether we feel depressed, anxious, angry, lonely or happy. It is natural to feel and react in certain ways depending on our moods, but luckily that mood can be managed with the help of essential oils. (Some of which can actually aid in improving or enhancing your emotional health.) Here, we’re going to dive deep into the best essential oils for every mood. 

Essential oils are a form of alternative medicine deriving from plant extracts. They are most commonly utilized through aromatherapy to promote good health. When referring to how we feel, essential oils can have mood-altering effects similar to that of a full moon. When the fragrances are inhaled, the odor molecules travel up our noses and send a signal to the limbic system or our “emotional brain.” During the process of inhaling specific oils and oil combinations, you can therefore control or alter your own emotions. 

Essential Oils for Every Mood

Although essential oils are not guaranteed to instantly change your mood (or solve all your problems), they are meant to ease feelings of intense pressure you may be having, increase energy or enhance happiness. These are the best essential oils for every mood.


Lavender is the go-to essential oil for relaxation because of its soothing scent. When mixed with frankincense it promotes a calming and peaceful mindset. Frankincense on its own will not improve one’s mood, but when mixed with oils like cedarwood or sandalwood it will calm one’s mind. Other combinations would be bergamot, which is a lighter citrus that is intended to brighten your spirits when in a sad mood. 

Vetiver is a root oil known for its therapeutic properties that promote relaxation and balance. This is a good oil to use before going to sleep to set your mind at ease. Its aroma produces a strong woodsy and smoky scent that is incredibly pleasant. It has been said that this oil offers emotional support and is a positive mood booster. 

Geranium is an oil that is meant to balance your mood and uplift you when you’re feeling down. The best results come when it is mixed with vetiver or patchouli oils. 

Stress or Anxiety

Sometimes our moods may shift between feeling stressed or anxious, but with the comfort of strong floral scents, you can relax your mind and put your head at ease. Roman Chamomile in particular possesses a light and fresh aroma. When mixed with small amounts of geranium and lavender, it produces a soothing feeling.

Bergamot is an oil that carries a light and airy aroma that produces a fresh scent, an oil that is intended for brightening one’s mood and lifting your spirits. Mixing oils such as neroli and vanilla help with overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety. 

essential oils for mood 2020

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When experiencing feelings of anger, essential oils are a positive alternative to coping with that aggression. 

Oils such as black pepper, ylang-ylang, valerian, spikenard and vetiver are best when used on their own. Black pepper is known to aid in diluting spiritual exhaustion. Its intent is to provide motivation and courage when one is expressing anger. Ylang-ylang is a form of a relaxing sedative to calm oneself during frustration. Balancing our mood swings can come as a challenge, but with these oils, we can change that. 

Valerian, rather than changing one’s mood, has a sedative-type effect that promotes sleep and relaxation. An essential oil similar to valerian is spikenard. This oil also assists in sleep aid and regulates moods to encourage a relaxed mental state.  

Vetiver is an oil that will aid in coping with anger and nerves. This oil will lessen the intensity of extreme nervousness and anger one may be experiencing. This type of oil works as a type of aromatherapy to bond the mind with the body through spiritual awareness.  


If you’ve ever struggled to get into a creative mood or simply can’t stay focused, some essential oils to use include rosemary, basil, and lemon. These scents have a way of clearing our minds and creating a clean slate. The fresh scents aid in starting over. Rosemary enhances mental stability and opens the mind to receiving knowledge. This encourages a new level of teaching or understanding that wasn’t there before.  

Basil is an essential oil that elevates a low level of alertness. This is a calmer oil that has a very mild aroma. It reacts to the body and mind as a minor scent but inspires great concentration for approaching a task that may be hard to complete. 

Lemon is known for its  “fresh peel scent” that displays a tart aroma. This scent inspires creativity and provokes the mental awareness needed to become motivated. 

essential oils for mood

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Rainy days make us dreary, as well as just the feeling of being alone, but there are oils that are known to help lift your gray mood. If you are ever feeling down, oils such as sweet orange, neroli, jasmine, and sandalwood are prime choices to promote a pick-me-up. Sweet orange offers a form of emotional wellness that is meant to help those feel they are stuck in life. This citrus scent is fresh and pleasing and encourages a type of positive stimulus. 

Neroli is an essential oil that aids depressive moods, anxious feelings and increases confidence. This oil possesses a citrus scent that encourages hopeful thinking and boosts motivation. 

Jasmine is a type of oil that is meant to relieve nervous tensions and unblock the barrier that is holding you back. In this case, when feeling lonely, jasmine will open up feelings that are closed in or hidden.

Sandalwood aids in easing problems with overthinking or addictive thinking patterns, which usually go hand in hand with depression. This oil has a mild fresh scent that assists in clearing one’s mind to be able to focus and address positive thoughts. 


Feeling good? Did you know that there are some essential oils that are known for prolonging and enhancing that positive and energetic mood! Jasmine, basil, lemon and rose all possess similar stimuli that enhance positive energy. 

Jasmine has a very potent smell that mellows when used in a diffuser.  This oil eradicates pain and discomfort from the body, mind and soul. This essential oil has a way of enhancing a strong, positive feeling or mood. For example, when happy, jasmine promotes that happy mood to create a long-lasting positive mood. 

Basil is known to boost a type of adrenaline that already exists within the body when happy or excited. This oil has a fresh scent that compliments happy moods and feelings of joy. 

Lemon is an all-around positive oil. This fresh citrus scent is a promoter of mental awareness, happiness, relieving stress, healthy sleep patterns, mood swings and good memory. When you’re looking for a fresh start, lemon can be seen as a neutral oil to regulate improvement.

Rose is an essential oil that can be seen as a form of self-care. This oil is good for the skin, anti-aging, treating stress or anxiety, and promoting a form of self-confidence. This oil has a perfume scent that is light and airy.

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charlotte walker September 23, 2020 - 11:08 pm

Great and informative article. I never knew essential oils had such an effect on moods.
Good to know.

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The list of these essential oils is really amazing…
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Keep it up.
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