Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey: A 2020 Guide

by Garrett Rutledge
Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

It’s the most wonderful time of year again, at least for some of us. But to get into that holiday spirit, there’s one age-old tradition that has to come first: getting your Christmas tree. In this weird year, the holiday season will take a little more planning and finessing. Just like every event, tradition, or what have you in 2020, you’re probably wondering if something as simple as getting a Christmas tree will be the same this year. Not to worry, because you have this lovely guide for Christmas tree farms in New Jersey to help you.

Now, for you fake tree people out there, this is the year you come back home. The artificial tree was a nice experiment, and it saved you some stress during busy holiday seasons. But c’mon, the schedule is a little less hectic this year, and we all need a traditional Christmas to bring in an extra dose of comfort. I’m sure many of you have the classic scene from Christmas Vacation pictured in your mind at this point—and don’t worry, it’s already queued up for you. As great as this scene is, this is not what you can expect from any of the Christmas tree farms in New Jersey:

The Garden State is loaded with quality Christmas tree farms. There are many remarkable, authentic, family-run places all throughout New Jersey, and I’m excited to introduce you to some of them. Now, more than ever, these farms need the support of their communities. They’re no different than every other small, family-owned, local business. But before we get into those farms, let’s first run through some information that’s important to know for getting a tree in 2020. 

What’s Important to Know This Year

Christmas tree farms ARE open this year. The places you’ll see listed below are a selection of those who have confirmed they’re available for this season. The list isn’t all-encompassing, not every farm could make this list. I also tried to keep it as geographically comprehensive as possible, so there were only so many I would include for each area of Jersey.

As far as COVID protocols go, be prepared to wear a mask, to be asked to distance when possible, and for potentially limited capacity or hours of operation. Like I said, not every farm could make it on here. If you don’t see your local farm on here or one you may have driven past before, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t deserving of a spot. Don’t be afraid to make a call to your favorite location to see about availability this year. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Christmas tree farms in New Jersey: 

North Jersey

Sunset Christmas Tree Farm – Blairstown, NJ

We start with a good old-fashioned farm, Sunset Christmas Tree Farm in Warren County. This place is a cut-your-own farm in which, you guessed it, you cut down the tree yourself. They provide the saw and shake, bale, and tie the tree to your vehicle for you. They also have a food truck on the property during weekends, in case you work up an appetite to get your tree down. For more info, check out their Facebook page

Wyckoff’s – Belvidere, NJ

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

The Christmas Barn at Wyckoff’s / Photo Courtesy of @wyckoffs

Wyckoff’s is another quality farm located in Warren County. The farm offers both cut-your-own and freshly cut trees in case you’re not up for doing it yourself. They have over 5,000 trees ranging in height and tree type. Wyckoff’s also has a Christmas Barn shop full of a wide array of holiday decorations and gifts. They usually allow visitors to tailgate and hang out on the property, but that’s unfortunately unavailable this year. Follow them on Facebook for more updates.

Kevin’s Tree Lot – Edgewater, NJ

I can say with complete confidence that no other place is quite like Kevin’s Tree Lot. We’ve seen remarkable flexibility and innovation from businesses in 2020, and this place is offering up something I’ve never seen before: Christmas tree delivery. Kevin’s Tree Lot, which typically serves areas around Edgewater and Jersey City, offers contactless home tree delivery, mobile pickup options, tree removal, and recycling for a small fee. They might not provide much of that traditional experience we’re accustomed to, but they’re undoubtedly one of the most innovative Christmas tree farms in New Jersey. Follow their Instagram account for more updates. 

Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm – Washington, NJ

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

The view at Evergreen Valley / Photo courtesy of Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Here we are again in Warren County, with a large location known as Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm. This third-generation family farm is another cut-your-own place located on 145 acres of land amidst mountains and rolling hills in Washington, NJ. They typically sell items crafted by local artisans, offer wagon wides through the farm, and serve plenty of hot chocolate. Check out their Facebook account to learn more about what will be available this season.

Hidden Pond Tree Farm – Mendham, NJ

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @HiddenPondTreeFarm

Hidden Pond Tree Farm is a classic spot in Morris County that offers both cut-your-own and pre-cut options. This farm also sells wreaths and other decorated greenery in case your grandmother hasn’t already passed down enough of these decorations. Other amenities include a bonfire, hayride, marshmallow roast, and a snack bar. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to get updates on the availability of such offerings this year. 

Central Jersey

Keris Tree Farm – Allentown, NJ

Another third-generation family farm, Keris Tree Farm in Allentown is primarily a cut-your-own farm. However, it does seem that they offer a limited selection of fresh-cut trees, so reaching out to confirm might be worth it if that’s appealing to you. They also have their own Christmas shop full of fun decorations, gifts, and plenty of holiday spirit to go around. They’ve been doing this since 1977, so you can trust they’re one of the more reliable Christmas tree farms in New Jersey. Check them out on Facebook too. 

Cherryville Farms – Pittstown, NJ

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

Sunset at Cherryville Farms / Photo courtesy of @cherryvillefarms.nj

Located in Hunterdon County, Cherryville Farms is a perfect spot for those looking to do Christmas the old-fashioned way. By now, you know what that means: it’s a cut-your-own farm. However, the farm assures that “you can do as much or as little as you want,” meaning they will cut the tree for you if you’d prefer. They also sell crafts, tree accessories, homemade wreaths, and some refreshments if needed. Like them on Facebook for more info. 

Barclay’s Tree Farm – Cranbury, NJ

Barclay’s Tree Farm in Middlesex County prides itself on service. This family-run farm will help you select a tree, cut it down, bring it to your car, prep it, and tie it up—all for free. The only fee you can expect is that of the tree; every other service or material to secure it is free of charge. Of course, you can do any of the previous services on your own, but they’re there if you need them. The farm also sells wreaths and other tree accessories if required. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates on this season. 

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm – Manalapan, NJ

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

An aerial shot of this large farm / Photo courtesy of @anneellenfarms

Are you looking for a wide selection? Look no further, Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm has a whopping 50,000 Christmas trees to choose from. Needless to say, if you’re an indecisive person, you might want to take a pass on this one. 

This farm offers options to cut-your-own or have a staff member assist you in searching for the tree. If your searching desires don’t stretch beyond the parking lot, then you’re in luck, because they also have fresh-cut trees to choose from near the front of their farm. Other amenities include a spirited Christmas shop, refreshments, and even some pets on the farm. Stay connected with this farm on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

South Jersey

Edwards Christmas Tree Farm – Wrightstown, NJ

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @EdwardsChristmasTreeFarm

Located in the small township of Wrightstown, Edward’s Christmas Tree Farm offers an authentic farm and tree-finding experience. This is a cut-your-own farm, but don’t worry, the staff is happy to assist if you need it. They also sell a wide array of homemade crafts both at the farm and on Etsy, if you’d like to browse beforehand. There’s also a Santa there every Saturday and Sunday for the kids (and some of you adults, too). Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop. 

Spruce Goose Christmas Tree Farm – Chesterfield, NJ

With a name like Spruce Goose, this farm had to be on the list. But don’t let my strange sense of humor fool you; this authentic family-run farm has everything you’re looking for. They’re primarily a cut-your-own establishment, but they offer some pre-cut trees as well (I suggest always calling to confirm; supply is likely limited). They also provide tree netting, tree wagons, tree shaking, and a Christmas Shop. The word on the street is Santa will be visiting here on Nov. 29 as well; what a generous man he is. 

Picea Acres – Jackson Township, NJ

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

Photo by Amanda Bonneau Photography @amandabonneauphotography

Last but certainly not least, we have Picea Acres. This farm is a cut-your-own place, but, as usual, they are happy to assist if needed. Picea Acres is a slightly smaller farm than the others but has plenty of trees available and offers a cozy atmosphere. And who knows, you might leave there with more than just a Christmas tree, as they sell other specimen trees upon request as well as smaller, plantable trees. Their expertise and selection make them one of the more unique Christmas tree farms in New Jersey. Follow their Facebook page to get additional updates and info.

Main image by Amanda Bonneau Photography 

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