10 New Jersey CBD Stores That Are The Real Deal

by Devin Frasche
cbd stores in new jersey

Marijuana’s legitimacy as a medicine and as an appropriate recreational substance is a dividing line in this country. From a federal standpoint, marijuana is still illegal, but it’s been decriminalized in 28 states and approved for medicinal use in 34. CBD (or cannabidiol) on the other hand, the non-psychoactive and hemp-derived cousin of jazz cabbage, is legal on a federal level in all 50 states. While rules and regulations may vary from state to state, CBD is abundantly available in New Jersey. But, where and how you get it should still matter. So the question is: what are the most reputable CBD stores in New Jersey?

Benefits of CBD

Before drowning yourself in the seemingly endless sea of CBD goodies, it’s important to learn more about this wondrous plant. Some of the most well-known benefits of CBD include alleviating pain, anxiety relief, aiding in sleep and helping to lessen the intensity of cancer-related symptoms. Some of the lesser-known benefits include reducing acne, improving heart health, and even preventing diabetes. CBD can be infused with virtually everything from food to topical ointments and is even available as an oil. 

Where to Buy CBD in New Jersey

With CBD’s recent boom, it’s easy to find various CBD-infused products practically anywhere. Chances are if you’re at a convenience store, gas station or supplement center, CBD is on the shelves. But, when experimenting with something regarding your health, you should always consult with those that have experience. You wouldn’t ask your mechanic what to do about your IBS, so you shouldn’t take advice from a 17-year-old cashier at a Tiger Mart regarding your CBD. Instead, leave it to the professionals that have dedicated themselves to sharing the healing power of CBD with the world. Skip the bodega and check out our list of 10 CBD stores in New Jersey.

1. The Green Room – Hoboken, Montclair, Red Bank

The Green Room has become well established in the area, and for a good reason. Since its conception, The Green Room has been active within their community. When owner, Darek Wajda, discussed the struggles facing small businesses during the pandemic with us at The Digest, he was sincere. He explained how he saw the need for more protection for customers, so he began giving out masks to Hoboken residents. He even began to feature CBD-infused hand sanitizer in-store. The Green Room isn’t just good for the community, it’s also an exceptional CBD shop with a wide selection of reputable brands alongside their own line of products.

new jersey cbd stores

The Green Room Montclair

2. Strictly CBD – Jersey City

Strictly CBD is on a mission to not only provide customers and their pets with locally grown hemp products, but also to educate the community on the benefits of CBD. Immediately upon visiting their website you can gain access to a vast amount of CBD resources including CBD history, uses, legislation, and even the best methods of consumption. Their Jersey City storefront also offers a delivery option for Jersey City residents! 

3. Garden Street Hemp – Hoboken

Garden Street Hemp takes into account that looking for pain or anxiety relief and considering alternatives to traditional medicine can be a vulnerable process. That’s why it offers a uniquely personal and tranquil experience. The company’s owner, Mike Diaz, spoke with a fellow Digest writer about how he completely renovated the space to have a comfortable at-home feel. Garden Street Hemp offers a welcoming atmosphere and the experience necessary for customers to make a confident and well-informed decision on their CBD needs. 

4. Your CBD Store – Boonton, Carlstadt

Your CBD Store has eight different locations spread across New Jersey, and two of them are right around the corner. They are actually the largest hemp retailer in the U.S., with 500 stores across 41 different states! Your CBD Store locations are also the exclusive distributors of the award-winning SunMed and SunFlora hemp products. These CBD shops are not only some of the best stores in New Jersey, they may be the best option regardless of where you live.

where to buy cbd in new jersey


5. EarthE CBD Store – Tom’s River

EarthE CBD prides itself on a completely holistic approach to pain management and treating a multitude of ailments with the natural healing power of hemp. As if 30 years of experience as food science chemists isn’t enough, this CBD retailer has all of their products tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure unsurpassed quality. EarthE CBD believes that marijuana and cannabidiol, are the safe medication alternatives of the future. 

6. Wake Wellness-Premium CBD Oil Products – Verona, Point Pleasant

Wake Wellness takes health seriously. They understand that some people have adverse reactions or complications with taking prescription drugs. They strive to distribute the most effective CBD products possible, all while only using small batch production techniques from USDA Organic U.S. farms. Their products are categorized based on use, including but not limited to, CBD for pets, CBD for stress, topical creams for pain, and even CBD beauty products. The company is also expertly equipped with a CBD specialist available by phone or text to answer questions you may have about anything CBD.

7. Hemp & Honey – Edgewater

Hemp & Honey is a brand new CBD store along the Hudson River paving the way for the next generation of hemp-based retail. Many of the aforementioned shops on this list have been around before CBD was so widely used and accepted, so their aesthetic resembles that. Rather than stashing their products behind glass cases as though it were taboo, Hemp & Honey displays their picturesque products proudly.  The boutique is also unique based on who they have on staff;  it’s owned and operated by a registered nurse. 

New Jersey CBD stores


8. CBD of Fairfield – Fairfield

Care By Dank’s of Fairfield is a member of an esteemed family of marijuana and CBD dispensaries. This New Jersey location is perfect for medical marijuana license holders, as well as those seeking strictly CBD-infused products. They have everything imaginable from flower, edibles, creams, and concentrates, to tinctures and top of the line accessories. Some of their most popular items include disposable CBD vaporizers as well as watermelon CBD gummies!

9. Good Guy Vapes – Waldwick, Englewood, Clifton

Good Guy Vapes, originally an illustrious electronic cigarette destination, has changed with the times. Due to the restrictions recently placed on the vape industry, Good Guy Vapes has shifted gears to accommodate the growing popularity of CBD. While many other vape shops across the state have begun to focus more on CBD, Good Guy Vapes has a leg up on the competition: locations. There are 19 different stores scattered throughout central and northern New Jersey, and many more out-of-state. This company also carries far more accessories than most CBD shops, and at a competitive price. It’s easy to consider Good Guy Vapes one of the best CBD stores in New Jersey when most residents of the Garden State have a fully stocked location close by. 

10. Lush Boutique – Jersey City 

Lush Boutique is another excellent example of a new store embracing the modern era of CBD. As the name implies, this Jersey City retailer has the appeal of a high-end boutique for those with a refined taste. It isn’t just a place to buy hemp products, but also a look at the future of the CBD experience. Lush Boutique is an ideal location for people eager to undergo the benefits of choosing CBD, and to look good doing it. Don’t let that fool you into thinking this CBD shop is all about looks. Lush Boutique carries high-quality products, just in a much nicer package.

Main image via The Green Room Montclair

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