The First Hoboken Medical Marijuana Dispensary Gets the Green Light

by Abby Montanez
hoboken medical marijuana dispensary

Within the past year, Hudson County has welcomed its fair share of CBD shops. But as it stands, there are less than 10 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state—and just one here in Hudson County. Well, that’s all about to change. Plans were recently approved to move forward with the first Hoboken medical marijuana dispensary. 

What We Know So Far

The zoning analysis was spearheaded by Jersey City-based land-use firm, Dresdner Robin, which got the green light from the city’s planning board this past July. The 5,000-square-foot space will occupy 95 Hudson St. in downtown Hoboken, which was formerly an urgent care facility. Charles Heydt, assistant director of planning services at Dresdner Robin, described the whole proposal as a “truly unique process.”

For example, the firm had to complete a neighborhood study that evaluated impacts to parking, noise, odor. He added that, “medical marijuana treatment facilities often involve revisions to land use and zoning regulations.”

hoboken medical marijuana dispensary

Courtesy of Nastasi Architects

This highly-anticipated dispensary will be helmed by Secaucus’ Harmony Dispensary, and serve as a retail-only satellite location. Their Secaucus headquarters currently doubles as both a retail and cultivation facility.

Is Marijuana Legal in NJ?

The approval for the first Hoboken medical marijuana dispensary comes in accordance with recently revised restrictions in New Jersey’s Compassionate Cares Act. These new guidelines will allow broader access to “alternative medical treatment facilities.”

But if you’re wondering if marijuana is legal for recreational use in New Jersey yet, the answer is no (or at least not yet). Medical marijuana, however, is a go. You must first become a registered patient with the Medical Marijuana Program by meeting the following requirements: have one of these medical conditions, a relationship with a physician registered with the MMP, and be a New Jersey resident. 

The exact date of opening remains unknown for the second Hudson County dispensary. However, expect the first Hoboken medical marijuana dispensary to be up and running by the end of the year. 

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