Where to Get Ramen in North Jersey

by Mary Sparago
Where to get ramen in North Jersey

There’s a lot of things that bring New Jersey locals together. Shorelines, expressways, sports teams and even famous singers have a way of unifying the Garden State. However, there’s one thing that connects residents of all ages, cultures, and interests even more—food. From famous pizzerias to 24-hour diners, every inch of New Jersey constantly circulates around the area’s incredible cuisine. Among the most notorious dishes in the state is a Japanese noodle soup called ramen. As winter fast approaches, this comfort food is the perfect way to warm up and unwind. Here’s where to get ramen in North Jersey.

Where to Get Ramen in North Jersey

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup typically paired with garnishes like meats, vegetables, eggs and scallions. Largely regarded as comfort food, the broth is layered with ingredients from miso to garlic to create rich, deep flavors. Typical ramen bowls include miso, shoyu (soy sauce), tonkatsu (pork-bone broth), and shio (salt). However, as the dish continues to flourish around the world, new and unique combinations are constantly created. Whether you’re trying ramen for the first time or craving it once again, here’s where to get ramen in North Jersey. 

Ani Ramen – Jersey City, Montclair, Maplewood, Summit, NJ

Food and family go hand-in-hand. At Ani Ramen, located in several cities throughout North Jersey, they strive to provide a casual, high-quality dining experience that gives all the comfort and joy of eating with your family. “Ani” directly translates to “big brother” in English, referring to the eatery’s mission to nurture their community. A relaxed, modern atmosphere, Ani Ramen captures the allure and flavors of Tokyo all around the Garden State. Heighten your ramen with their famous “umami bomb,” or cool things down with one of their signature cocktails, like Sailor Moon and Tokyo Sour, at select locations. 

Where to get ramen in North Jersey

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Batten Ramen – Fort Lee, NJ

When it comes to New Jersey, food isn’t just appreciated by its taste, but also its history. For a dining experience rich with culture and tradition, visit Batten Ramen in Fort Lee. One of the first ramen restaurants in the U.S., Batten Ramen has operated in North Jersey since 2003. Their savory, authentic recipes range to capture every guests’ preference, from spicy miso and shoyu ramens to kids’ bowls. If you’re looking for a complete experience, Batten Ramen also prepares traditional Japanese side dishes like kimchi, gyoza (dumplings), and shumai (dim sum). 

Ramen in North Jersey

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Fujiya Ramen – Montclair, NJ

The best ramen broths are layered with both deep flavors and rich authenticity. In Montclair, Fujiya Ramen’s mission to create the perfect blend of ingredients began many years ago through father and son, Minoru and Zen Yoshida. Before achieving his dream of opening a restaurant in the U.S., Minoru served ramen for 40 years in Tokyo. Today, the casual yet modern shop brings tradition and quality dining into harmony. With 10 ramen choices, from tonkatsu to shoyu to house specialties, Fujiya Ramen provides guests with plenty of broths and toppings to create the perfect bowl. 

Ramen Azuma – Englewood, NJ

Having trouble deciding between extra pork or more soft-boiled eggs? At Ramen Azuma in Englewood, their menu includes bowls with extra toppings, including the “DX” which has extra everything. The expansive menu offers options from specialty ramens to platters and curry, complementing every guest’s preference. And, to make your dining experience even more unique, Ramen Azuma offers two different kinds of ramen noodles. For dessert, choose from a wide variety of bubble teas and mochi ice creams, or explore their homemade Japanese-style truffles. With a new location opening soon in Hackensack, Ramen Azuma is a destination for those seeking traditional ramen. 

Ramen North Jersey

Photo by @ramen.azuma

Blue Steel Pizza Company – Bloomfield, NJ

Although ramen is a traditional Japanese recipe, Blue Steel Pizza Company in Bloomfield gives the dish a new, contemporary look. This rustic-meets-modern restaurant has proven it knows comfort food through its Detroit-style pizzas and unique duck ramen. With duck broth, spicy miso, caramelized onion, braised bacon and a poached egg, this ramen creates the perfect combination of smokey, savory, and creamy. For an upscale dining experience, visit the second-floor speakeasy––the Rabbit Hole––at Blue Steel Pizza Co. for a night of soft jazz, candle-lighting, and vintage ambiance. 

Menya Sandaime – Fort Lee, Jersey City, Paramus, NJ 

With locations in Fort Lee, Jersey City, and Paramus, Menya Sandaime is determined to bring traditional Japanese ramen to the Garden State. Not only does this ramen restaurant use recipes passed down for three generations, it also prepares house-made noodles and broth each day. Using fresh and all-natural ingredients, this shop pairs its love for ramen with its devotion to turning customers into a community. The menu includes plenty of layered, delicately prepared ramen dishes, from spicy karakuchi ramen to ankake ramen. For an authentic and tasteful experience, visit any of Menya Sandaime’s locations. 

Tori Ramen Chicken – Ridgewood, NJ

Ramen is often best enjoyed in a casual environment. Tori Ramen Chicken, located in Ridgewood, offers exactly that, with both indoor and outdoor seating creating a comfortable and relaxing vibe. Here, guests can customize their ramen to include regular or rice noodles, vegetable or meat broths, and various toppings. Ramen flavors include everything from curry to kimchi to spicy soy garlic. To enhance your visit, order this restaurant’s famous chicken wings. Their sauces include sweet and spicy, soy garlic, and spicy soy garlic to give guests a more robust dining option. For the best experience, end your meal with their creamy, chewy, mochi ice cream.

Ramen Nagomi – New Brunswick and Freehold, NJ

Comfort and harmony. Not only is Ramen Nagomi named after these feelings, but it also exemplifies them. Serving Japanese comfort food in a casual, contemporary interior, this restaurant captures the essence of ramen. The menu offers 12 flavors, including more unique options like miso crab, and traditional choices like chicken shoyu. However, their authentic dishes don’t just include ramen. With a variety of small dishes, such as takoyaki––octopus fried fritters––pork buns, and edamame fried tofu nuggets, Ramen Nagomi furthers its mission to provide the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine. Meeting their mission to feed others, this restaurant also sells their homemade chili paste, donating all proceeds to local food banks. 

Where to get ramen in North Jersey

Photo by @ramen.nagomi

Muteki Ramen – Hoboken, NJ

There’s spicy miso. But what about volcano miso? At Muteki Ramen in Hoboken, their ramen bowls have quite the edge. With over 20 years of experience in creating the best ramen bowl, this restaurant has curated a variety of intriguing flavors. Try their yuzu shio, Thai green curry, or kimchi ramens to expand your palate for Japanese cuisine even further. Each ramen comes served in a deep, minimalist-like dish brimming with noodles, broth, and garnishes. As appetizers, Muteki Ramen also offers several types of baos (pork buns), including tempura, pork belly, kimchi, and sukiyaki. Before you leave, be sure to try one of their renowned crepe cakes for a sweet, decadent dessert. 

Big Bowls Little Plates – Rutherford, Paramus, Secaucus, NJ

Sometimes, even tradition needs a little twist. For a mix of Asian fusion and contemporary dining, Big Bowls Little Plates offers a whole new take on ramen. The street food and ramen noodle house serve everything, from big bowls to side dishes, in rustic, wooden bowls. The careful plating complements each of their meals, including appetizers like ravioli, dumplings, wontons and baos. For the main course, guests are able to create their own “big bowl.” First, diners select their proteins, with choices ranging from buffalo chicken and seafood to cajun pork chops. Next, patrons can choose from different bases like ramen, fried rice, or even cold noodles. To end the evening, be certain to try their Oreo and cheesecake wontons.

north jersey restaurants

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Have you eaten at any of these ramen restaurants in North Jersey? Tell us about it in the comments!

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1 comment

Elsa Valentine January 11, 2022 - 10:33 am

Big Bowls Little Plates is extrodinary and a place you must visit!

The food is out of this world. We always share several “little plates” to start. There are so many choices, and it is fun to try the options and introduce them to your palate.

The big Bowls are truly that – big bowls filled with goodness! My personal favorite is French Onion Soup, which is nothing like traditional French Onion Soup as it is filled with over the top flavor, perfectly cooked ramen and is loaded with beef short rib.

The restaurant is on a quaint side street. The service is out of this world as the servers are over the top pleasant and attentive.

Oh…and don’t forget to end your meal with fried wonton cheesecake. What? Yeah. Exactly. Must have.


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