A Guide to Mochi Donuts in New Jersey

by Mary Sparago

From Dutch “oily cakes” fried in pork fat to New York’s fluffy pastry rings, the donut has seen many forms. Today, the notorious American pastry has become a staple around the world. Bakeries and chains have dedicated many hours to perfecting their most delicious versions. In the pursuit of doing exactly that, a Japanese bakery called Mister Donut stumbled on something that would rally foodies from across the globe. Combining mochi with the American donut––an even chewier, fluffier, and unique sweet––arose the mochi donut. 

Today, the pastry is rapidly growing in popularity, enchanting people with its cute shape and addictive texture. Thankfully, the Garden State hasn’t glazed over the chance to welcome this new creation. If you’re looking to dunk a new and delicious sweet treat into your morning coffee, here’s where you can get mochi donuts in New Jersey.

What Are Mochi Donuts?

Mochi donuts are a pastry fused with a mixture of Asian and American culture. Originating from Japan in 2003, this new creation has captivated foodies throughout the world. The dough is made from glutinous rice flour or, occasionally, tapioca starch. This gives it an airy, bouncy, chewy texture. 

But what is mochi? And how does it pair with donuts? 

Although traditionally considered Japanese, mochi was first created in China. Small, doughball-like cakes are formed from pounding glutinous rice together. The mochi’s texture becomes gummy and chewy and is sometimes filled with jelly or ice cream. Popular flavors include green tea, strawberry, and vanilla. 

This same technique is used to add a bouncier consistency to traditional donuts. Small, munchkin-like balls of sweet, glutinous rice flour are rolled out from the batch. Bakers then combine eight of these to form the adorably shaped donut, which they either bake or fry. Originally named “pon de ring” in reference to the eight munchkins forming its shape, foodies later colloquially called them “mochi donuts.” 

Bakeries then coat the pastries in frosting and decorations, with flavors ranging from matcha to chocolate. While they’re currently popular delicacies in East Asia, their influence has even reached the Garden State. Below are three New Jersey mochi donut bakeries—some recently opened—to cure your craving. 

Where to Find Mochi Donuts in New Jersey

KAI Sweets – Edgewater, NJ

Tired of the same old vanilla frosted donut? At KAI Sweets, located in the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater, their wide range of flavors makes it impossible to choose just one. Try popular flavors like black sesame, or tropical tastes like tangy pineapple and passion fruit for an even more unique mochi donut experience. 

If you’re looking for something on the sweeter side, KAI Sweets also offers strawberry cream, dark chocolate, and oreo donuts, among other flavors. Their mochi donuts are notably airy and fluffy, without the grease of a typical American donut. And, if you still haven’t satisfied your sweet tooth, be sure to select from their wide variety of crepes, cakes, and creme puffs. 

Mochi Donuts in New Jersey

Mochi donuts from KAI Sweets in Edgewater, NJ l Photo by @kaisweets_mitsuwa

Mochinut – Fort Lee, Norwood, Summit & Paramus NJ

While mochi donuts are traditionally Japanese, Mochinut has fused theirs with yet another vibrant culture. With locations in Fort Lee’s Dupan Bakery, Norwood, and two recently opened shops in Summit and Paramus, their mochi donuts originated in Hawaii. Through flavors like pomegranate, mango, and banana, foodies can try a more exotic side of the pastry or combine it with a more standard flavor at this unique bakery. 

And, if the shop’s daily choice doesn’t pique your interest, don’t worry. Mochinut offers nine flavors daily, constantly trying different combinations. Pair each new flavor with one of their specially-made bubble tea drinks for the best experience. 

With locations everywhere from Thailand to South Korea, this chain is certain to bring authenticity and beautiful fusion to your New Jersey palate. 

mochi donuts nj

Box of mochi donuts from Mochinut l Photo by @nathalyscakefix

Mochi Ring Donut – Edison, NJ

When it comes to food, you don’t just eat with your mouth––you eat with your eyes. At Mochi Ring Donut in Edison, their mochi donut selection gives patrons both delicious and beautifully designed pastries. The bakery intricately decorates each donut flavor, from taro to Nutella to coffee, to reflect their passion for pastries. And, with their newest location opening soon in New York, Mochi Ring Donut continues its mission of bringing mochi donuts to the tristate. 

Japanese rice cakes aren’t all they offer. Pair your favorite flavor with their popular milk bubble teas—including flavors like brown sugar—or fresh teas and slush drinks, to complement your pastry. 

New Jersey Mochi Donuts

Trays of mochi donuts from Mochi Ring in Edison, NJ l Photo by @mochiring_edison

Feature image courtesy of @kaisweets_mitsuwa

Have you gotten mochi donuts in New Jersey? Let us know what you thought!

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