Top 10 “One Bite” Pizza Slices in New Jersey

by Courtney Roberson
one bite pizza new jersey

It’s widely known that NJ pizza makers are among the best in the biz. In April, New Jersey topped Food & Wine’s list of top pizza states, firmly solidifying what every New Jerseyan already knew. But when it comes to rating a slice of deliciously cheesy, perfectly sauced and expertly prepared pizza, one man reigns as the “Pizza King.” Dave Portnoy, founder and president of Barstool Sports, has become the go-to expert for tasting and reviewing pizza around the country, particularly in the tri-state area. With over 1,000 reviews and more than 164 million views on YouTube, Portnoy’s “One Bite” ratings have become a favorite. Here are the top 10 “One Bite” pizza slices in New Jersey, according to Portnoy’s tastes.

De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies – Robbinsville, NJ

Dave’s Score: 9.2

The only slice in New Jersey to score above a nine—and one of 19 overall—is De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies. Portnoy says the pizza was one of the most recommended by fans. A Trenton-area staple, the tomato pie layers mozzarella cheese directly onto the crust and tops it off with crushed tomato. De Lorenzo’s follows this distinct preparation for a perfectly crisp pie that had him ready to eat the whole thing.

Ralph’s Pizzeria – Nutley, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.9

Located in Nutley, Ralph’s Pizzeria is an award-winning North Jersey establishment. Seeing a picture of the pizza sent by a fan via social media, Portnoy made his way out of New York City in an Uber to review the pie. The thin, bubbly cheese pizza did not disappoint. Eating the slice, Portnoy stated the pizza was well worth the “45-minute drive.” 

Calabria Pizzeria & Restaurant – Livingston, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.9

Marking his one-thousandth “One Bite” review, Portnoy grabbed a slice at another New Jersey spot. Calabria Pizzeria & Restaurant in Livingston serves up a delicious pie perfect for the milestone celebration—confetti and all. After knocking back an entire piece of the thin-crust pie, Portnoy stamped out his final score and proclaimed, “I love this pizza.” 

Brooklyn Square – Jackson, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.9

This one’s name might be slightly deceiving. With three locations across South Jersey, Brooklyn Square’s specialty is Brooklyn-style square pizza. Reviewing both their namesake and traditional pies, Portnoy handed out two scores. The traditional pizza received a respectable 7.8. But the “upside,” Sicilian-style—a thicker square-shaped crust, with cheese underneath tomato—Portnoy declared the best amongst “One Bite” square-style pizza reviews.

Conte’s Pizza – Princeton, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.9

This old-school, Princeton go-to serves up a Portnoy favorite: bar pies. Conte’s Pizza has all the regular makings of bar pizza: a wafer-thin, crisp crust with bubbly, browned cheese and edges. One bite in and Portnoy was already impressed. “This is f***ing spectacular,” he said after explaining Conte’s was recommended by a friend of retired Yankee Alex Rodriquez. 

Nancy’s Towne House – Rahway, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.8

Nancy’s Towne House in Rahway is a regular spot for locals. The bar and restaurant dish out bar-style pies and cold beer in a no-frills setting with red and white checkered table cloths adorning the tables. The crust has just the amount of crunch to it, or as Portnoy put it, “That crust is snap, crackle and popping.” 

Federici’s – Freehold, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.8

Open since 1921, Federici’s in Freehold, New Jersey has a long history of serving tasty pies. The family-owned establishment is lined with family portraits, plaques, and autographed photos of none other than NJ icon Bruce Springsteen. Devouring the first slice, Portnoy went in for a second slice of the thin-crusted pizza he said was “worth the trip.” 

Angeloni’s Restaurant & Pizzeria – Caldwell, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.8

“The Home of the Thinny Thin,” Angeloni’s in Caldwell makes a paper-thin pie with little to no crust covered in bubbly mozzarella cheese. Taking down two slices with a crowd anticipating his final “One Bite” score, Portnoy called the New Jersey pie “as good a bar pizza as I’ve had in a long time.” The eatery’s special thin crust won him over, making his trek out of Manhattan time well spent.

Columbia Inn – Montville, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.7

By the time Portnoy made his way to Columbia Inn in Montville, New Jersey, he had scored 13 other “One Bite” slices that day. But even after a day full of pizza, Portnoy ate five pieces of the light and crisp pie while talking to the inn’s manager. The Montville brick-facade restaurant was first built in the 1870s as the city’s town hall but was later turned into an inn before opening in its current iteration in 1997. Since then, its thin-crust pizza has become an NJ favorite.

Patsy’s Tavern & Restaurant – Paterson, NJ

Dave’s Score: 8.2 (later, 9.1)

Fans of Portnoy know there are only a couple of rules when it comes to scoring pizza. The first is, “One bite, everyone knows the rules.” Though, as with some rules, this is meant to be broken. The second, the first score always sticks. But in this case, Portnoy wanted to break that second rule. The pan-cooked pie was first dubbed with an official score of 8.2. But after grabbing another slice, Portnoy called it a “legendary spot” and said the score would be a 9.1 if he had a do-over.

Been to any of these famous one bite pizza spots in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments.

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James Salamone August 23, 2021 - 5:39 pm

He needs to go to JOJO’S TAVERN MERCERVILLE HAMILTON NJ. I dont disagree with any of these top places but he should try JOJO’S.

James Salamone August 23, 2021 - 5:40 pm

He needs to go to JOJO’S TAVERN MERCERVILLE HAMILTON NJ. I dont disagree with any of these top places but he should try my suggestion

Jim August 23, 2021 - 10:08 pm

Columbia Inn, so overrated.

Robert OConnor September 3, 2021 - 12:48 pm

Do any of your Pizza testers leave the specific parts of Jersey they always cover? Its rarely anywhere west of 287….

Jim Csogi Jr September 3, 2021 - 8:05 pm

He also Rated Papa’s in Robbinsville an 8.9
And don’t forget Santillos in Elizabeth was in the 9’s

How about redoing your top 10

Don B October 30, 2021 - 2:08 pm

Portnoy’s opinion on anything never mind pizza is about as valuable as having an ice maker while living in an igloo…completely unnecessary.


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