Affiliate Program: Pros And Cons For Participants

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Many Internet users have probably come across affiliate programs. Few people understand what an affiliate program is and why it is needed. Some owners of social networks turn affiliate programs into additional income. Let’s take a closer look at the concept of «affiliate program» and its features.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

This term implies cooperation with companies or owners of foreign resources, products that need to be sold, and additional advertising. The user receives a part of the profit from each sale due to completed actions.

The most striking examples are online stores offering to purchase clothes, products, shoes, and cosmetics. Gambling portals also often offer an affiliate program to users. Some offers are not fascinating. But the Betwinner Affiliate Program stands out for its great deals. Betwinner is a site that offers slot machine services and sports betting. It covers a large audience and is actively expanding its client base. The loyalty program of the online platform allows players to receive additional income. You will receive money for advertising.

The work in the affiliate program is as follows:

  1. A person is registered in a system for partners.
  2. Affiliate link comes to the selected product or product from the catalog.
  3. The user talks about the product on his page on the Internet and attaches a link.

The user’s subscribers will surely pay attention to the post about the proposed product, product, or service.  Clicking on a link to a site and purchasing a product will allow the advertiser to receive a certain percentage of the cost.

Earned money is credited to the account in the personal account. You can withdraw them to a bank card or electronic wallet. The main advantage of an affiliate program is that you can advertise anything you want. Sometimes a whole system is developed. Registered users receive from the company a percentage of the profits of people referred to the affiliate program.

Referral Programs

«Referral program» and «affiliate program» are different concepts. Often people confuse these concepts. Often affiliate programs contain referral elements or may be completely referral. You link not a buyer but a program partner in this case.

Affiliate programs offer two types of earnings in this case:

  • Percentage of invitation referrals.
  • Additional funds from the turnover of clients referred by your referral.

The latter option is used for greater brand awareness, hype, and other projects.

How Do Affiliate Links Work?

You get a personal account after registering in the affiliate program. The personal account is multifunctional and offers various tools to control your earnings, customer turnover, and the number of purchases. You receive in your account:

  • promotional materials;
  • links to goods and services for advertising;
  • statistics.

Each link has an ID. It helps to understand which client brought the buyer. This system allows you to correctly count the referred customers, the volume of purchases, and the partner income.

The process of using «affiliate» from the client side is as follows:

  1. A potential buyer clicks on your link.
  2. Link data is stored in the browser and affiliate program.
  3. The customer makes a purchase.
  4. The ID identifies that you have recommended this product.
  5. The partner receives a commission.

The main advantage is that the data about a person’s transition through your link is stored in the system for a long time. Therefore, a person does not have to buy the goods on the same day. Even if he purchases it in a week. You will receive a commission. The problem can arise only in one situation – a repeated visit to the page and the goods made from another gadget. Some sites prompt buyers to enter an email address. This is done to find the referral that brought the user.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working With An Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program provides benefits to organizers and active users. Sellers of goods receive the following benefits:

  • Traffic increase.
  • Attracting new customers without investing in advertising.
  • Payment is made only for real sales.
  • No need to organize an advertising company.

Partners also benefit:

  • Earnings on the Internet without additional investments.
  • A simple passive income algorithm.

However, the area of affiliate programs has its drawbacks. Among the minuses are:

  • The partner cannot control and influence the quality of the goods. The prices and percentages are set by the seller. The referral simply receives a percentage of the company’s profits.
  • One product often has several partners. There is high competition. This makes it harder to achieve high passive income results.
  • The partner receives payment only after the purchase of the goods. Often companies extend the payment due to the risk of a possible return of the goods.
  • Income in the affiliate program is unstable. You cannot control and determine the number of people who will follow the link and buy the product.

An affiliate program is a real way to generate income despite the existing disadvantages. You are not investing money but simply taking five minutes to recommend a product on your social media page.


What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a cooperation with companies or owners of foreign resources or products, which needs implementation and additional advertising. The user receives a part of the profit from each sale due to s completed actions.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate programs are aimed at attracting people who will advertise the product. For each buyer, the referral receives a percentage of the purchase price. Companies receive free advertising, increasing sales turnover. Referrals receive passive income.

Is It Profitable To Cooperate With The BetWinner Affiliate Program?

BetWinner is a popular and reliable gambling services portal. The casino offers many slot machines and the ability to bet on sports. Users are satisfied with the services of BetWinner. The site provides favorable conditions for an affiliate program. You will earn a commission for each new client.

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