Hackers who have hacked into Las Vegas casinos often resort to threats and violent actions

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Cybercriminals who specialize in hacking into casinos and other establishments in Las Vegas use a variety of methods to achieve their goals. However, research shows that the Com hacker group doesn’t stop at social engineering alone – they also resort to threats and violence to achieve their goals. 

Com: identity theft and more 

The group of hackers behind the serious cyberattacks on Las Vegas resorts goes beyond traditional hacking methods. Their use of social engineering and threats of violence opens up a new level of danger that raises serious concerns for the safety of not only technical staff but dignitaries as well.

Microsoft, which conducted the research, notes that the Octo Tempest group operates through multiple aliases, making them much harder to track. They specialize in attacks targeting help desks, where they use social engineering to deceive employees and gain access to secure systems. Their ability to subtly deceive and manipulate victims makes them particularly dangerous.

In addition, the use of threats of violence suggests that the group is going to extreme lengths to achieve its objectives. This creates a potentially dangerous situation not only for victims of cyberattacks but also for their loved ones.

Scattered Spider is a group of hackers made up of predominantly English-speaking young men in their late teens to early 20s who represent one of the most dangerous financial criminal groups operating on the modern internet. Microsoft researchers note that this group is capable of conducting extensive social engineering campaigns to compromise organizations around the world.

In early 2022, researchers turned their attention to the organization when its members began actively participating in SIM swapping and account hijacking to steal cryptocurrency. However, a more advanced and aggressive move was made in 2023, when some members of the criminal group began monetizing extortion of telecom, electronics and technology organizations.

Researchers emphasize that the Scattered Spider group emerged from a larger ecosystem known as Com. This community includes people engaged in account takeovers, SIM swapping, cryptocurrency theft, and even committed violent acts. 

Microsoft researchers have found that Com is extremely grasping and is linked to other powerful criminal groups. They warned that by mid-2023, members of the criminal organization had partnered with the ALPHV/BlackCat extortion group and used an information leak site to publish data on their victims.

Researchers noted that some Com members use a variety of techniques to “navigate complex hybrid environments, extract sensitive data, and encrypt information.” This indicates that the group has a wide range of skills and tools that allow them to operate in complex areas of data corruption and secure their operations.

Such actions indicate that Com is a serious player in the cybercrime environment and has the ability to collaborate with other criminal organizations to enhance their operations. Their ability to navigate complex hybrid environments and their use of data encryption makes them particularly dangerous and raise serious concerns among cybersecurity authorities. 

Microsoft researchers strongly recommend increased security measures and attention to information protection, as Com pose a potential threat to the data security of organizations, employees, and their loved ones. 

Recall that earlier hackers attacked the large MGM casino. The giant of the gambling market estimated the damage from the hack at 100 million dollars.

With the development of the online gambling market, hacker attacks have become more frequent. Therefore, downloading 1win app or applications of other popular casinos, you should always carefully check the originality of the site and its license. If you download the wrong application, you can become a victim of fraud and lose all your money.

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