How EOS Foundation legal battles with affects gambling with EOS

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A significant battle is happening between the EOS Foundation and It started in May 2023 when EOS Foundation CEO Yves La Rose suggested a lawsuit against for not keeping a promise to invest $1 billion in the EOS community.

This legal fight is still going on, causing uncertainty about the future of gambling on the EOS platform. This article looks into how these legal battles affect gambling platforms that take EOS. Read on as it starts with an overview of the EOS Foundation.

Overview of EOS blockchain 

The EOS blockchain started in 2018 and is a platform for special computer programs called dApps. It’s built to handle a lot of work and fix problems older blockchains had. It uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), where people holding tokens pick 21 groups to approve transactions and keep things secure.

The Blockchain has its own cryptocurrencies called EOS. It helps the system by being used for transactions, giving resources to dApps, and letting people vote on decisions about how the network works. The EOS crypto asset is quick, handling many transactions each second and keeping fees low, making it suitable for big dApps with many users.

The EOS Foundation is a non-profit group helping it native crypto asset grow. It gives money and resources to developers making new and cool dApps. The foundation also gets people involved by organizing events and sharing information online. It wants more businesses and people to use EOS, so it educates them on its benefits. The EOS Foundation aims to create a strong and lively community for developers and users. Involvement EOS Foundation is a tech company that makes cool blockchain stuff to handle problems like making things work better in the decentralized world. They’re famous for helping out with EOSIO software and the EOS blockchain. They also try new things like getting into cryptocurrency exchange and social media platforms. made the EOS blockchain and still does important things for it. Even though it no longer controls the network, it’s still busy. helps improve the EOSIO software

They’re working on a significant upgrade called EOSIO Dawn 4.0. Also, takes care of essential parts of the EOS network, like block producer nodes and API gateways. Even though it’s not in the spotlight,’s skills and support are crucial for keeping EOS growing and stable.

Legal Disputes Between EOS Foundation and

The EOS Foundation and, partners in building the EOS community, face legal troubles. These issues mainly affect promises and money, affecting both groups and the EOS community.

Nature of the Legal Disputes

The big problem is that needed to follow through on its promise to invest $1 billion from the EOS ICO into the EOS community. The EOS Foundation says this unkept promise is hurting the growth of the EOS ecosystem.

Another problem is who gets to decide how EOSIO Dawn 4.0, a significant software upgrade, should be developed. There’s a disagreement about’s role and power in making decisions, causing worries about the future of the network.

There’s also a disagreement about how EOS funds should be used within the Foundation, especially for development projects and community initiatives.

In May 2023, EOS Foundation CEO Yves La Rose suggested a community lawsuit against This was for not keeping the $1 billion promise. In July 2023, the EOS Foundation filed a legal claim against for not fulfilling its investment commitment.

In August 2023, the Foundation didn’t like a $22 million offer from to settle a different lawsuit, saying more was needed. The legal fights are still ongoing, and there’s no solution yet.

Implications of the Legal Battles

The EOS Foundation is unsure how to fund projects for the EOS community because of disagreements about the money. People might also think less of the Foundation’s leaders because of these legal problems. There could be arguments within the EOS community about what should be done. might not look good because of the negative news from the lawsuits. This could make people less interested in their future projects. They might also have to pay a lot because of the legal problems affecting their plans if the EOS community loses trust in, it could reduce their influence in the EOS ecosystem.

The Impact of Legal Fights on EOS Gambling

Cryptocurrency gambling on EOS is facing problems because of recent legal battles. These fights are causing trouble for the EOS Foundation, the groups that regulate EOS, and the gambling platforms using EOS. Let’s look at how these issues are affecting EOS gambling:

Trouble for EOS Foundation

The EOS Foundation wants to make sure EOS gambling follows the rules. Legal issues make it hard for them to set clear rules for gambling apps. This lack of clear rules makes it challenging for legal operators and might create opportunities for illegal activities. This can hurt the EOS blockchain’s reputation and attract attention from authorities.

Problems for EOS Gambling Platforms

Legal battles are making it unclear what gambling activities are allowed on EOS. This uncertainty puts existing platforms at risk of legal problems. Without clear rules, it’s hard for them to operate confidently, which stops investment and innovation.

The fear of legal trouble and harm to their reputation might make established platforms leave, making the EOS gambling scene even smaller.

Investor Confidence and EOS Gambling

Legal fights around EOS gambling are making investors worried. The uncertainty about following the rules and facing legal issues makes them hesitant to invest in EOS gambling projects.

Without enough money and investment, the growth and progress of the sector are slowed down. This might stop new ideas and limit what EOS gambling can achieve.

The Future Of EOS Gambling

The future of EOS gambling is uncertain because of legal fights and unclear rules. Solving these problems needs cooperation from the EOS Foundation, gambling platform operators, legal experts, and regulators.

Making clear rules, bringing legal clarity, and rebuilding trust from investors are essential steps to handle these issues and let EOS gambling reach its full potential responsibly and innovatively.


Legal issues between the EOS Foundation and is causing problems for the EOS community, affecting project funding and creating uncertainty. This impacts EOS gambling, too, making it hard to set clear rules and reducing investor confidence. To move forward, everyone needs to work together, establish clear rules, and rebuild trust for the growth of EOS gambling. Resolving these issues is essential for its progress.

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