Key Considerations When Renewing Kitchen Countertops

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Are you about to renew your kitchen countertops and trying to figure out what to consider? Check the page for a guide that will ease your selection process.

Countertops are essential elements of any kitchen renovation, as they play a critical role in defining the style and functionality of a kitchen. Even just renewing your kitchen countertops will make a massive difference in your space. However, don’t suppose that finding the right kitchen countertop is the easiest job! So, let’s help you with a simple guide so that you can pass with flying colors regarding your countertop picking process.

Keep the following questions in mind when searching for kitchen countertops because your answers will lead you to the right countertop that will be the perfect complement to your lovely kitchen!

Which Material Type Speaks to You: Natural or Manufactured?

Your kitchen countertop material can be either natural or manufactured. Although this categorization may not explain all the essential features of each countertop material, it still can provide some general information that may affect your choice.

For instance, marble, quartzite, and granite are all natural stones, offering many critical benefits. But note that they all require maintenance with sealing because of their porous surfaces. On the other hand, manufactured stones, like quartz, generally require little or no maintenance, thanks to their non-porous surfaces. However, the pigments included in quartz countertops make the material prone to damage caused by heat and UV lights. In contrast, thanks to their formation processes, natural materials are more resistant to heat and UV lights.

Another key difference between natural and manufactured countertop materials is their looks. Natural countertop materials have unique patterns and hues, adding a peerless persona to anywhere they are used. On the other hand, manufactured countertop materials can come in any color, making them suitable for many different kitchen designs and color combinations.

Ready for Committing to a Maintenance Routine?

When choosing your countertop material, you should ask yourself whether you are willing to spare some time and energy for a countertop maintenance routine. As stated, natural countertop materials require regular sealing to protect from damage, like permanent stains, bacterial growth, discoloration, scratches, and more. This way, you can ensure longevity for your countertops and preserve their beauty for years to come.

However, you may prefer not to take such a responsibility and opt for materials like quartz to eliminate the need for sealing. Quartz has a non-porous surface that does not need any special maintenance routine other than simple cleaning with a soft cloth, mild soap, and water.

Do You Have a Busy Kitchen or Not?

Being well aware of how you spend your time in your kitchen is essential. If you can define your kitchen as a heavy-use area, then your countertop material should be compatible with your needs. Materials like granite and quartzite are highly durable and resistant, making them perfectly suitable for high-traffic kitchens. But, if the kitchen is not the central place where you spend your day at home and your countertops will not be exposed to wear and tear that much, you can also consider having marble to add a luxurious look to your kitchen.

What is Your Budget?

Of course, your budget is an essential factor that may affect your choice. At the end of the day, kitchen renovation projects are costly. However, you should consider your kitchen countertop as a future investment since quality countertops increase the value of your home. Accordingly, cost-effectivity should be your priority, as quality countertops will save you money in the long run.

Besides, keep in mind that you do not have to sacrifice quality for the sake of money. You can reach out to vast collections of quality countertops for competitive prices if you know where to search for them.

Have You Found Your Reliable Stone Supplier?

Working with trustworthy professionals is required when renewing your countertops or your kitchen. This is because there are many details to be attentive to, from material selection to the installation process. Once you find out a partner who will understand your needs and requirements, you will become close to the mark.

As we have already stated, you do not have to make a choice between quality and cost. You can find top-notch kitchen countertops for affordable prices at Bergen Marble and Granite – a leading stone supplier with years of experience and dedication to providing the best products and services to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

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