The Definitive Guide to 2023 Interior Design Trends

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Interior design is much like fashion—it ebbs and flows, changes and evolves, and, let's be honest, it can be as fickle as the weather. Some years, we're all about the minimalist, Scandi-chic vibes; other years, we're hankering after vibrant hues and boho aesthetics. But the winds of change are stirring for 2023. We're gearing up for a year that's breaking the mold and setting its own pace. It's clear that a new era in interior design is dawning—and it's every bit as eclectic and individualistic as you might hope. So let's dive in, shall we?

The Importance of Personalization and Sustainability in 2023

Now, more than ever, our homes are an extension of who we are. They’re a tangible reflection of our values, passions, and personalities.

In 2023, the design world is pushing this to the forefront, emphasizing personalization in a big way. That means less ‘copy-and-paste’ showhome aesthetics, and more space for your favorite family heirlooms, cherished travel souvenirs, and that wacky art piece you just couldn’t resist.

And then there’s sustainability. In an age where climate change is the talk of the town, we’re all feeling the call to be a bit more environmentally conscious. For the design world, this means a move towards sustainable materials, investment in quality furniture that’s built to last, and a preference for unique, vintage, or thrifted pieces over mass-produced items. After all, there’s nothing quite like knowing your stunning coffee table has a backstory, right?

Embracing Color and Nature

Shift from Grey and White to Earth Tones

Grey and white interiors have had a good run, haven’t they? For years, they’ve been the go-to choice for that sleek, sophisticated look. But in 2023, it seems we’re craving a bit more warmth, a bit more depth.

Enter earth tones. Browns, pinks, greens, blues—we’re talking rich, earthy hues that add a sense of coziness and calm to our spaces. They’re versatile, inviting, and oh-so comforting. Think of it like a big, warm hug for your living room.

Incorporation of Natural Elements

Let’s get back to nature, shall we? The biophilic trend is having a major moment in 2023. We’re seeing an influx of natural materials—wood, stone, natural fibers—and a move towards irregular and imperfect designs. It’s all about celebrating the beauty of nature in its raw, unpolished form.

It’s not just about materials, though. This trend also includes bringing more greenery indoors, creating a seamless connection between our interior spaces and the great outdoors.

The Role of Wallpapers in Introducing Color and Nature-Inspired Designs

Wallpapers, folks. They’re back, and they’re more fabulous than ever. They’re the secret weapon in 2023 for injecting color, pattern, and personality into our homes.

And it’s not just about vibrant hues or funky patterns—though there’s plenty of that, too.

Nature-inspired designs are particularly popular, offering a low-maintenance way to incorporate the biophilic trend. Picture lush botanical prints, delicate floral patterns, jungle mural wallpaper, or even designs that mimic the texture of natural materials.

It’s like bringing a little piece of the great outdoors right into your living room—or kitchen, or bathroom, or bedroom.

The Rise of the Japandi Style

The Fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian Elements

Cultural fusion is not just a thing in the culinary world, you know. Interior design is also getting in on the action, and the results are pretty spectacular. Japandi, a design trend that elegantly merges Japanese aesthetics with Scandinavian simplicity, is setting the pace for 2023.

This winning combo unites the minimalist beauty of Scandinavian design with the timeless sophistication of Japanese style. The result? An effortlessly balanced space that marries functionality with aesthetics, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and warmth. The key here is intentionality—each piece has a purpose and contributes to the overall harmony of the space.

Role of Minimalistic Mirrors in Enhancing the Japandi Aesthetic

Now, how do mirrors fit into all this, you ask? Quite seamlessly, as it turns out. Mirrors—especially those with simple, sleek designs—are a perfect addition to the Japandi aesthetic. They’re functional, stylish, and can enhance the minimalist feel of the space.

A well-placed mirror can be a statement piece in its own right. It can also amplify natural light, adding brightness and depth to the room. It’s a small detail that can make a big impact. Plus, it offers a chance for one last outfit check before you dash out the door. Handy, right?

Lighting as Art

Unique Lighting Fixtures as Statement Pieces

Remember when lighting was just about functionality? Well, not anymore. In 2023, lighting is taking center stage as a crucial component of the design aesthetic. Unique, artistically designed fixtures are becoming the pièce de résistance in many rooms, adding a level of intrigue and sophistication.

From elegant pendant lights to whimsical chandeliers made from fabric or paper, lighting fixtures are pushing boundaries and defying expectations. It’s no longer just about the light they emit, but the shadows they cast, the mood they create, and the conversations they start.

Mirrors as a Tool for Enhancing Lighting and Creating Perceived Space

Long before they became a staple in our homes, mirrors had quite a unique history. Made originally from polished obsidian, copper, bronze, even silver and gold, they were more than just vanity items. They were symbols of wealth, elements of religious rites, and even thought to hold magical properties. Today, they’re a household item we often take for granted, yet they still carry a touch of that old-world charm. That’s a bit of mirror history for you right there.

In 2023, mirrors are making quite a statement, reclaiming their rightful place as an interior design tool par excellence. It’s not just about checking your reflection before you head out, oh no. Mirrors are stepping up their game and playing an important role in enhancing your home’s lighting and creating a sense of spaciousness.

Here’s how: Imagine you’ve just installed a beautiful fabric lighting fixture in your living room. Now, add a mirror opposite to it. Voila! Not only does it reflect the light, bouncing it around to brighten up the entire space, but it also doubles the visual impact of your statement lighting fixture. That’s the magic of mirrors—they work in harmony with your lighting to create an inviting, luminous ambiance, even in the snuggest of rooms.

But the mirror’s superpowers don’t end there. These shiny marvels can also create an illusion of depth, which can make any room appear larger. It’s a time-honored design trick that’s just as relevant in 2023 as it was back in the day. They reflect back the room, giving the eye a lot more space to explore. So, whether you’re working with a sprawling open-plan design or a snug little corner, a well-placed mirror can truly open up your space.

Sustainable Choices and Vintage Appeal

Move Away from Fast Furniture Towards Long-Lasting Pieces

In an era when environmental consciousness is no longer optional but essential, the interior design world is saying a big fat “no” to fast furniture. This year, there’s a considerable shift towards investing in furniture that’s designed to last—not just a season or two, but generations.

That’s right, 2023 is all about ditching the disposable mindset and embracing sustainable choices. It’s about choosing quality over quantity, longevity over convenience. This trend isn’t just about saving the planet (although that’s a massive part of it)—it’s also about the joy of owning furniture that carries a story, a history, a soul.

Growing Popularity of Vintage or Thrifted Furniture and Mirrors

On the flip side, there’s a growing love for all things vintage and thrifted. Hunting for that perfect pre-loved mirror or quirky chair adds a whole new layer of excitement to decorating your space.

These pieces bring character, charm, and a unique style that’s impossible to replicate with mass-produced items. And let’s not forget the sustainability factor—it’s upcycling at its finest. Plus, who wouldn’t love the idea of giving a beautiful piece of furniture a second life?

The Comeback of Neoclassicism and Personality-Driven Designs

Time to dust off those history books, because neoclassicism is making a stylish comeback in 2023! Rooted in elegance and sophistication, neoclassical design adds a touch of timeless grace to any space.

But don’t worry, it’s not about turning your home into a Grecian temple (unless that’s your thing, of course). It’s about incorporating classic architectural elements, elegant stone trims, and well-crafted details into modern spaces. It’s a nod to the past, with a firmly contemporary twist.

As we appreciate the refined, it’s impossible to ignore the raw beauty of industrial design that’s found its way into the mix. With its exposed brickwork, metallic accents, and an unfinished aesthetic, it adds a bold, edgy touch to the elegance of neoclassicism. The industrial style celebrates the art of the unfinished, the beauty of the raw, and the character of the reclaimed, adding depth to your personal space.

2023 is also seeing a shift towards personality-driven designs—spaces that truly reflect the people living in them. Our homes are becoming a canvas for self-expression, a place to showcase our personal collections, our memories, our stories.

Wallpapers play a massive role here, offering an easy way to inject color, patterns, and textures into our spaces. Whether it’s a vibrant botanical print or a subtle geometric pattern, wallpaper allows us to make a statement about who we are and what we love. In 2023, it’s all about creating a home that’s uniquely, authentically you.


As we wrap up this trend watch, it’s clear that 2023 is all about weaving together threads from the past, the present, and the future to create a tapestry that’s as unique as we are. It’s about bringing a slice of the natural world into our living rooms, embracing the quiet elegance of earth tones, and celebrating the beauty of imperfections.

This year is about incorporating timeless neoclassical elements, dialing up our wallpaper game, and making smart, sustainable choices. From injecting personality into our spaces to giving a nod to the Japandi aesthetic, 2023 promises to be a year of exciting interior design transformations.

But let’s not forget: the ultimate trend is creating a space that feels like home, a place that captures our essence and tells our story. So, whether you’re a vintage vixen, a color enthusiast, a minimalist lover, or a neoclassical nerd, here’s to creating spaces that are delightfully, unapologetically you.

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