4 Things You Should ‘Unlearn’ About Temporary Staffing Companies in NJ

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Did you know that there are over 16 million temporary or contractual workers in the United States alone? Typical job roles include blue-collar jobs to highly specialized jobs as well. And unlike recruiting for the C-suite, filling up temp job roles needs much more than good networking skills. This is probably the reason why more and more businesses turn to temporary staffing agencies for the task. 

However, with the work scenario changing ever so rapidly (thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic), staffing agencies are also revamping their work patterns. Even a few years back, temp staffing was a means to fill up positions at the last minute. However, that’s not the case. As more and more people choose flexible work patterns, contractual employment is becoming mainstream. 

Read on to debunk more such myths about temporary staffing. Happy reading. 

Myth: Staffing Agencies Are a Luxury

Fact: It couldn’t be farther away from reality! While you pay a certain percentage to agencies, it is nothing compared to the overheads you save! People who hire temporary workers understand the importance of maintaining a good database and having multiple HR recruiters on board.

Now, when you outsource the job to an agency, you really don’t have to buy the database or have any extra recruiters (other than your in-house HRs). You not only save money on resources but also reduce workload, creating time for other profit-making activities. 

Myth: All Temp Jobs are Fresher-Level Jobs

Fact: As the global work culture is changing, more and more people are opting for flexible and shorter work commitments. So, what was true even a decade back, is not even close to the real picture. You can find highly skilled and experienced employees working in temporary roles across industries and verticals. And temp agencies are replacing consultants because of their in-depth knowledge of contractual hiring. 

Myth: Staffing Agencies are Good for Quantity, not Quality

Fact: A reputed staffing agency becomes reputed not only because of how many positions they filled for a client! When it comes to recruitment, agencies follow the highest gold standards, proving better than in-house teams, more often than not. They specialize in the recruitment and use industry-best screening processes, technology, and networking skills to find the perfect match for a job role. And the best part is, they do it in bulk! 

Myth: Hiring Agencies are Good for Temporary Positions Only

Fact: Temp agencies account for 85% of the market share for the recruitment industry. How can anyone achieve such a massive dominance by just filling one kind of position? Well, they certainly can’t. Staffing companies have become the face of recruitment, not just in the US but globally. They offer a gamut of services, including creative and executive hiring.

Summing Up

To get an edge over your competitors (who are also headhunting in the same talent pool), hiring an experienced and skilled temp agency is the way to go. Here’s hoping this fact check will help you choose the right partner in your talent acquisition journey. 

Happy recruiting! 

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