Board of Directors Software Comparison: A Detailed Breakdown

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It is not at all strange that virtual board software has emerged as one of the main drivers behind contemporary enterprises and small businesses. There are several methods available to facilitate meetings as quickly and effectively as possible, prevent time wastage, and establish a plan with renewed zeal at each meeting. Further we will make a board of directors software comparison in order to show you a rough idea of what it is.

Individual users have long recognized this tool’s enormous advantages, with the coronavirus epidemic serving as the most glaring example. This catastrophe on a worldwide scale has been able to increase the effect of technology, particularly on small firms. In the past, only large firms could afford these solutions; thus, startups and small enterprises had to make do with free alternatives like Zoom or Skype. Users shifted to more respectable choices like the aforementioned boardroom websites as soon as the servers of these solutions got overburdened.

During a meeting, only boardroom portals can guarantee smooth communication. Additionally, it offers a plethora of solutions that automate the complete meeting procedure. You may increase employee and administrative staff involvement in your company by using a variety of services, including scheduling, interactive reporting, and survey creation.

What Is Boardroom Software?

In general, we’ve already provided a definition in the previous section. Here, we provide a summary of this technology’s understanding. In a word, boardroom portals are a set of really effective tools that assist your team in finding the most logical resolution to a problem. Here, you may hold votes, utilize different legal or financial documents in a safe manner, and create separate access controls for each employee.

The majority of virtual board software have their own video conferencing software, but some of them continue to employ services from third parties like Microsoft or Google. It would be better for your security if your encrypted data were in one location rather than dispersed to a third party; however, we are not suggesting this is inherently good or bad.

You should have a first impression of this product as one that will actually save you from paperwork with a paperless solution and from everyday, absolutely meaningless meetings that ultimately accomplish nothing. We’ll speak about the features a bit later. Every board meeting is entertaining and beneficial. Participation is made possible by a wide range of features and services that are available to both administrators and regular users.

What Features Should You Look Out For?

As we promised, you can sort out a few of the features that will be provided to you while using this or that virtual boardroom offer. If you summarize the basic features, you will definitely find the following:

Video conferencing with advanced tools

You will have plenty of video conferencing with advanced tools to streamline meetings among senior administrative staff. You can conduct conferences using third-party applications, such as Zoom, or technology designed specifically for a particular application.

Choose those apps that have their own technology, as your data won’t be scattered all over the Internet and you’ll be safer. When it comes to optimizing and streamlining tools that are used during effective meetings, you should look at the ability to build charts, document backing, and all the related tools your business needs.


The option of increased board portal software flexibility and enhanced security in the interaction with users. You can find a feature that gives you the ability to edit and create from scratch the roles that you will or are already using in your company. This is a differentiating criterion from all the other free or private developments that are used for conferences in schools or universities. With this customization, you can share information between departments during meetings in the most efficient and fastest way possible and solve problems in the most impactful way possible.

Opportunity for total security and isolation from the external Internet

If your entire corporate network starts operating in a completely isolated space, it will not give hackers a single chance to intercept any grains of data, even if they are protected and encrypted.

Isolation from the external Internet means that even if your employees make a human error and lose their password, an intruder still won’t gain access. This increases the overall credibility of the company and eliminates the headaches that can easily arise with standard software.

The power to store documentation and actively use it during meetings

This is an equally important aspect that is either missing from the usual examples of software or is done too insecurely to be trusted from the perspective of an entire corporation. With board management software, you don’t need a separate file repository, which is also insecure in most cases. You can use documents for each individual employee or department during meetings. Other departments simply won’t be able to view documents that don’t belong to them. This is a healthy corporate practice that has proven to be the best during the emergence of today’s corporate culture.

A Comparison of Some of the Best Boardroom Software

Once we have determined everything else, we can do a comparison of a board portal in different price categories and suggest the best options that exist. The comparison criteria will be as follows:

  • Ease of use.
  • Understandable or not User Interface.
  • Integration with other tools.
  • Prices.


OnBoard management tool includes online board meeting minutes, attendance tracking, task creation, and notes. It includes engagement analysis as well as an electronic signature function that allows you to submit and sign documents from any device.

It’s ideal if you want something that’s simple to use. It is well organized, so users may get to the most crucial information immediately. It employs a cross-platform design to ensure that users on various platforms receive information appropriate for their devices without having to alter settings. Zoom is included, allowing users to start remote meetings directly from the app. The program serves as a safe and organized information store.

OnBoard offers bespoke pricing, which may be obtained upon request. They also provide a 30-day free trial.


Boardable is a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription service. The software is entirely web-based. You may immediately suggest meeting times in the app and receive a summary of answers. You may see meeting agendas and vote in polls. Meeting minutes can also be found here.

Boardable simply interacts with calendar applications. Agenda templates are available, and they may be exported to PDF format.

A beginner’s package costs $49 per month, with a 14-day free trial available.


Parabol is the first open-source, free board meeting software with a paperless meeting solution for small businesses on our list. It allows your team to give anonymous feedback on your work so you can improve as a team. You can do multi-user grouping (bringing different team members together to collectively discuss, solve problems, and address frustrations) so everyone stays engaged. You can draw attention to new employees and entice them to participate through icebreakers. You can also create meeting summaries to keep everyone informed.

Anyone can add agenda items before or during a meeting to make sure their concerns are heard. You can then add next steps to the agenda that can be taken. Parabol also integrates with Slack.

This app is completely free to use. Paid plans cost $9 per user per month.

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