Brand Strategy: Simple Promotional Ideas to Help Enhance Brand Awareness 

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In the world of business and marketing, brand awareness is considered one of the most important factors when it comes to the overall success of your business. And without this awareness, you’ll be struggling to stay in step with the competition.

According to numerous studies, two key components when it comes to measuring brand awareness are recognition and recall. And without these key elements being continuously developed and modified, you run the risk of losing out on entire consumer pools.

But developing brand awareness doesn’t need to involve intimate analytics or over-the-top data analysis. In fact, the most organic brand awareness begins with company philosophy, a logo, or even a simple news article about your brand.

All in all, developing brand awareness is an ongoing and critical task. But sometimes the simplest of efforts can yield the best results.

Here, we’ll explore a few simple and effective ways for enhancing brand awareness.

Promotional Items

The great thing about running promotions is that this in itself facilitates awareness. But having the right promotional products also helps a great deal.

For example, you need to be sure that whatever promotional products you’re using are actually useful or offer something of value to your customer base. And luckily there are several promotional items that are universal across multiple demographics.

Items such as custom pens, apparel, USB drive keychains, smartphone accessories and coffee mugs are things that everyday people will be able to use, regardless of age group. And sticking to these items might bring you better results.

Additionally, you’ll also want to ensure that your company name or slogan is visible on these items, not just a symbol or a logo. This gives you greater visibility and recognition when attempting to enhance brand awareness.

Partner with Trusted Companies

Perhaps one of the best ways to enhance your brand awareness is to ride on the coattails of a known and trusted company. This way, with a trusted endorsement, you’ll likely be able to tap into a much larger customer base, and sharing the love never hurts either.

For example, if you sell rock climbing equipment and you’re having trouble getting your products noticed, partnering with a well-known or locally recognized indoor rock climbing gym can bring you greater visibility, and begin the process of establishing your brand awareness.

Further, when you partner with a familiar face, people are more likely to recognize you alongside their other favorite brand.

If you think about it, it’s a lot like establishing friendships in school. Certain people tend to hang out in groups or pairs. So it becomes easy to associate a particular person with another person, or with a group. And it works the same for brand recognition and awareness when you partner with a trusted company.

Use Native Advertising

Native advertising is probably the best way to advertise if you’re trying to establish yourself and put your brand on the map. And native advertising is much simpler than you might think.

Native advertising actually covers more than 60 percent of all digital advertising efforts. And the reason is that it’s a highly effective strategy.

For example, if you begin placing ads on large publications with an established customer base, your ads will be neatly fitted into the content so that they don’t appear out of place. And when you connect with publishers such as the New York Times or other big names, you’re building the potential to gain larger than average visibility.

The very nature of native advertising is that they’re considered non-intrusive, which doubles down on the effectiveness and scalability of this strategy.

Developing and enhancing brand awareness is going to be part of any successful marketing strategy. And as long as you’re beginning with the simple methods, you can work your way up to the more complex algorithm-driven enhancement models. But, keeping it simple remains the best way to start. 

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