Health Benefits Of Oat Milk We Bet You Didn’t Know About

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Benefits of Oat Milk

Oat milk has gained worldwide accolades in vegan nutrition. Read on to know about the surprising benefits of consuming oat milk:

  • Oat milk serves as a rich source of protein. You can get 3 grams of protein into your system by drinking an average-sized 8oz cup of oat milk. This makes the protein level higher than cashew milk, almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk.

  • Oat milk contains zero trans fats and fatty acids. While cows’ milk is loaded with saturated fats, it is replaced with unsaturated fats in the case of oat milk. It is imperative to note here that saturated fat has been linked with increased levels of cholesterol. Though a certain level of cholesterol is beneficial for healthy cell functioning, consuming animal products like cow milk can increase the chances of stroke and heart attack. The plant-based oat milk is rich in a soluble fiber called beta-glucans which transforms into a gel-like substance post-consumption for lowering the level of cholesterol in your gut. Research studies have shown that your blood cholesterol level lowers by 3-5% from daily consumption of oat milk.

  • One cup of oat milk contains five grams of filling fiber which can help you attain early satiety and keep you feeling full longer compared to other types of milk such as coconut or almond. As you face lesser hunger cravings throughout the day, you can automatically lower your calorie intake. Parasites forming in our intestine get cleansed following the consumption of oat milk. Soluble fibers present in oat milk regulate our digestive system by absorbing water digestion and softening our stools to offer respite from bloating and constipation. 

  • An antioxidant called avenanthramide found in oats serves as an excellent cancer-fighting agent. Research studies have linked the consumption of oats with a significant decrease in the risk of ovarian, colon, prostate, and breast cancers. 

  • High levels of minerals and vitamins present in oat milk helps in boosting up our immunity. Vitamin D and A are found in high quantities in oat milk. They increase the overall resiliency of our immune system and help ward off infections. The risk of developing Type 1 diabetes and Crohn’s disease also decreases significantly with constant consumption of oat milk. Vitamin B found in oat milk acts as a natural mood-boosting agent and also aids in immunity. This can serve as the best choice for people who are allergic to cows’ milk and can be consumed with different recipes.

  • Oat milk houses immense power to repair skin damage within a short period following regular consumption. It camouflages all signs of aging and makes your skin look younger. 

  • A high level of calcium and protein found in oat milk helps support bone health. (*) Continued consumption of oat milk helps cure calcium deficiency and age-related ailments in people like arthritis. 

  • Drinking oat milk induces a detox effect on our body courtesy of its antioxidant properties. The toxins which can cause damage to our organs are removed from our system by consuming oat milk.

  • If you have been suffering from chronic blood pressure, then it is recommended to drink a cup of oat milk daily as it is a healthier alternative to cow’s milk.

Storing Oat Milk

According to food experts at NomPedia and other sources: Freezing oat milk is the best choice if you are getting the store-bought variants in bulk. However, the consistency turns a little grainy once you take it out of the freezer. 

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