Men’s flared jeans: How to style

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In today’s ever-changing society, it seems that it is more difficult than ever to keep track of the fluctuating fashion trends. In fact, every day it appears that there is a new clothing item being popularized in mainstream media. In particular, more people nowadays are interested in the evolution of flared jeans, and they have now become a staple of most people’s wardrobe. With so many men deciding to ditch their normal jeans and opt for flared jeans instead, it is worth exploring the different ways in which men can style flared jeans.

Firstly, although it may seem that flared jeans are typically associated with eras such as the 70s and vintage clothing, nowadays modern flared jeans are very much in style. Not only are they extremely stylish and can pretty much be paired up with anything, but they are also slim fitting meaning that they have a lengthening effect on your leg.

Another reason why flared jeans are coming back into style is because is there are so many different styles that can be made with them. For example, if you are opting for a rock or edgy look, they can be paired with a leather jacket and a long-sleeved top for that effect. Alternatively, if you want to achieve a hippie look, it is a good idea to sport old military jackets with colourful accessories such as flower patches and bandanas. You can even create a high fashion look by pairing your flared jeans up with a turtleneck or polar neck jumper.

Moreover, flared jeans are extremely versatile when it comes to wearing them for a range of activities. For instance, it is simple to achieve an effortless chic look if you are going out for drinks or food etc. They can even be worn any time during the year as fashion brands like Acne Studios and Gucci have been putting out tailored versions, to accommodate different seasons. Of course, if you have never worn flared jeans before and don’t know how to start, it is best to choose a simple t-shirt. If the weather is slightly colder, you can also decide to complete this look with a stylish jacket such as a suede jacket.

Nowadays, flared jeans are also available in a range of colours and you can choose one according to the impression you want to create. For example, the most common colour when it comes to flared jeans is dark wash and colours of denim. Of course, if you are feeling experimental, you can opt to wear flared jeans in solid bright colours such as yellow, green, orange or red.

Furthermore, with so many celebrities and public figure wearing flared jeans, they were bound to come back into style. Style icons such as Bella Hadid can be seen sporting flared jeans with a cropped top on the streets. In addition, Harry Styles, is bringing back an It item from the ’70s as well as he can regularly be seen wearing a pair of flared jeans on stage.

If you do decide to replicate these stylish figures remember to wear them with chunky shoes or big sneakers. This is because of their length; flared jeans can sometimes spill out over your shoes and can cause you trip. Alternatively, you can wear cropped versions of flared jeans so that you won’t have excess material around your ankles. This can also highlight the flared shape of the pants and draw extra attention to it.

Ultimately, the return of flared jeans is not an unrealistic concept as they have already made a comeback especially with men all over the world. From having a range of colours to being worn by famous faces, there are a number of reasons why people wear flared jeans. Whether you want to try something new or simply want to spruce up your look, opting to wear flared jeans is a great place to start.

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