Minerals, Gemstones & Their Spiritual Purposes

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Are you looking to purchase natural gemstones, precious stones, tumbled stones, or birthstones? If you’re looking to buy in bulk, finding a good online spiritual wholesaler might just be the place for you. 

Spiritual wholesalers usually sell extensive collections of gems and minerals. They usually offer unprocessed and rough gemstones as well as polished stones and tumbled stones wholesale. You can use them for good Feng Shui decoration, simply because you love the fact that they are so beautiful or for spiritual purposes.

An Introduction to Tumbled Stones

We leverage these stones for their healing power, but we also use them to help us connect with the divine. In ancient times they were even crafted into jewelry and talismans that would hold powerful energies that could be activated when someone wears the stone. 

The next time you visit your holistic wholesaler’s online store you might see a few tumbled stones and gemstones in the mix. You may ask yourself, “What are they for?” or “How do I use them?”, but before you pick one up, let’s look at 

the history of using gemstones and minerals as part of medicine and spirituality.

Gemstones and Spirituality

As you already know, all stones have different healing properties and can aid with specific ailments. But they also come in a variety of colors that correspond to the chakras on the body.

The ancient spiritual practices, such as yoga, believed each color has a different vibration and energy that helps heal specific ailments when used at its corresponding chakra. For example, yellow stones and crystals are known for their positive energy. Some of the most common gemstones used in yoga and meditation practices include gold topaz, citrine quartz, golden calcite, and orange carnelian quartz.

How to Use Gemstones For Feng Shui Purposes

Are you wondering how you can use these stones for Feng Shui purposes? All that is required is a little bit of effort on your part and the right type of stone. Yet, if one does not have the time to make any special efforts, there are so many ready-made jewelry pieces available in the market. Most of them are very attractive and can be used to decorate your home or office, adding cheerfulness so that you feel comfortable while working.

Are you looking for a new look? Think about what kind of energy you want your space to have. You could opt for colored crystals like amethyst, citrine or carnelian. Or do you want a stone with metaphysical properties? 

The best thing about tumbled stones is that they don’t lose their energy as time passes. The more you handle these kinds of stones, the more you will feel their energy. And they also help you relieve stress.

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