The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Musician

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Do you want your event to be a resounding success? Are you worried about finding the right musician? It’s true that no matter how much work you put into planning, a musician can make or break an event.

That’s why you must hire a singer or band that can deliver a memorable performance. People make major errors when hiring a musician, but they can easily be avoided.

Continue reading to know what mistakes to avoid, ensuring your musician hits the right note.

They Can Only Play One Genre

Deciding what type of music, you would like at your event is key.

Most people want a crowd-pleaser, so it’s crucial to hire someone that can play a variety of genres. You might also want them to take requests from your guests, spanning different types of music.

The night can quickly go downhill if they can only play one genre, especially if that genre is not suitable for your event.

Booking Them on a Recommendation

A colleague at work may have had the best night of their life, but they also didn’t specify exactly how much alcohol they consumed. It’s good to take recommendations from friends or family, but make sure you go and assess the musicians yourself.

Before hiring them, check out their YouTube page or, ideally, go and see them perform. Speak with them about your event and your expectations concerning the music. It might be a match in heaven, or maybe it would be a trainwreck, but it’s undoubtedly better to know in advance.

Hiring a Musician Based on Cost Only

It’s true that you should have a budget for your event, but hiring a musician based on price alone is a recipe for disaster. Your friend’s little brother may have a rock & roll band that will play for pennies, but the cheapest option is typically not the best choice.

The expression goes that ‘you get what you pay for.’ And although that’s often true, some musicians may consider lowering their price for a noble cause or if they could get good exposure.

Watch Out for Perfected Videos

You’re doing your research online, and you find a musician that blows your mind. Thanks to advancements in technology, all kinds of people can look and sound like true rockstars on the internet.

It’s important to try and see or hear them live, and this will give you a much better idea of how they will perform at your event. Remember that they have the benefit of countless takes to make a professional video.

Don’t Book Them on Their Advertising

On a similar note, some bands are gifted at creating a professional website or invest more in this area to land more bookings.

They may have the best marketing in town, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to deliver a high-quality performance. To find the best band to hire, view local bands near me to compare available musicians.

Enjoy the Show

Hiring a musician that your guests won’t enjoy is a nightmare scenario. But follow these five tips, and you’ll be sure to land a musician that will deliver the goods.

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