The Only Thing That Matters in Life is Feeling You’re in the Right Place

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Most people live a life in a frame. They do things someone else asks them to do, enjoy holidays someone else made for them, and work to survive. Although the picture is not black and white, most live unhappy lives in which they dream about something else.

These people don’t realize that change is simpler than they think. Everyone has the free will to make changes. The first step towards living a better life is changing your thoughts. We’re stuck in a vicious circle due to our minds, and we fail to realize that we’re the only ones responsible for this problem.

Around New Year, most people will make resolutions and consider starting anew. Although it is a perfect time to do it, you should focus on the right things and make the right changes. The only thing that matters in this life is the feeling of happiness and that you’re in the right place at the right time.

This is entirely personal and different from one person to another. You must think about the things you love and enjoy. Once you realize what makes you happy, you should aim to get it. Of course, it’s not easy getting a multi-million yacht, but small things can make a great difference.

Learn to say NO

Since most of us work from nine to fine, we’re used to following orders and doing as we’re told. Understand that you shouldn’t blindly accept everything that comes your way. Listening to your boss about what needs to be done for the company to go forward is one thing, but letting them harass you is another.

Many people don’t realize they are harassed. They’ll take work home or accept other people’s work, making their life entirely work-related. They are tired and feel miserable as all they do is work. Learn to say no and dedicate yourself to your family, friends, yourself, or whatever you love rather than working on other people’s wishes and needs.

Do things that make you happy

When you realize what makes you happy, you should plan on doing it. If it is climbing mountains and enjoying freedom, you should opt for that. If it is hanging out with friends, trying new drinks in different bars, traveling, or anything else – simply do it.

Life is short, and when you get to the end, no one will reward you for living life inside the frame that someone else created for you. Do the things you love, be happy, laugh, and enjoy.

Take time off and enjoy simple things

Use every chance to escape work and enjoy yourself. Don’t push yourself to the limits unless that’s exactly what you need and want at a particular moment. Still, this must be a short period in your life, and everything else should be a relaxed, slow, and enjoyable time spent.

Enjoy small things, like a walk in the park, feeding the birds on your way to work, or sunbathing on a mountain ridge. Just picture how relaxing this image is – ideal temperature, the sun just glowing enough to make you feel comfortable, and you’re relaxing under a tree in the park. Dress appropriately. Find and get the best Blowes Clothing Akubra hats, shoes, and shirts, and enjoy life.

Be physically active

The best way to enjoy life is to be physically and mentally healthy. Both are deeply connected, and you must be in perfect physical shape to be mentally healthy. Of course, if you’re constantly depressed, you can’t appreciate life and the opportunities it gives you.

That’s why you should find a way to be active. We’re genetically designed to be constantly moving and have our muscles in top shape, so we must dedicate ourselves to this mission. You will easily focus on joy and happiness if you’re physically in perfect shape.

Mind what you eat

Food is another great factor that will determine how you live. Some people live to eat, while the rule is – eat to live. The most delicious foods are unhealthy, and if you let yourself go and only eat what is tasty, you’ll ruin your health and be unable to enjoy life.

Food is like a drug – if you keep eating only what you love, you’ll get hooked and always look for more until you get too obese that your internal organs start suffering. Instead of this scenario, eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink a lot of water.


Staying healthy is crucial to be able to enjoy life, but other things are equally important. How you feel is what makes your life. Your mind is powerful and can create an alternate reality, so make sure you control it and not the other way around. Life is amazing and you should start living it to the fullest today.

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