The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Flatback Rhinestones for Your Designs

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Are you tired of sifting through endless options of flatback rhinestones, unsure of which ones are truly worth your investment? Look no further, because this ultimate guide has got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting in the world of DIY design, choosing the right rhinestones can make or break your project.

This guide is your go-to resource for creating stunning and long-lasting designs. This is from the different types of flatbacks available to tips on color, size, and quality. Read on.

What Are Flatback Rhinestones?

Flatback rhinestones are small, faceted pieces of glass, acrylic, or crystal with a flat backside. This flat surface allows them to be easily adhered to various materials using glue or heat. They come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and cuts, making them incredibly versatile for different types of projects.

Types of Flatback Rhinestones

When it comes to adding sparkle and shine to your designs, flatback rhinestones are the perfect choice. Here are some types of flatback rhinestones.

Glass Rhinestones

Glass rhinestones are a popular choice due to their affordability and decent sparkle. They are made from cut glass and often coated with a reflective backing to enhance their shine. While they don’t offer the same level of brilliance as crystal rhinestones, they are a cost-effective option for many projects.

Acrylic Rhinestones

Acrylic rhinestones are made from plastic, making them lightweight and budget-friendly. However, they are less durable and not as brilliant as glass or crystal rhinestones. They are ideal for projects where cost is a significant factor, and the longevity of the rhinestones isn’t as crucial.

Crystal Rhinestones

Crystal rhinestones are the crème de la crème of flatback rhinestones. Made from high-quality leaded glass or synthetic crystal, they offer unparalleled brilliance and clarity. Brands like Swarovski and Preciosa are renowned for their crystal rhinestones, which are often used in high-end fashion and design projects.

Key Factors to Consider

Choosing the best flatback rhinestones for your designs can seem like a daunting task. Here are some key factors to consider.


Quality should be your top priority when selecting flatback rhinestones. Higher-quality rhinestones will have better clarity, fewer imperfections, and more consistent sizing. Crystal rhinestones, especially from reputable brands, are generally the highest quality available.


Rhinestones come in various sizes, often measured in millimeters or using the “ss” (stone size) scale. The size you choose will depend on your project’s requirements. Smaller rhinestones (ss3-ss10) are ideal for intricate designs, while larger rhinestones (ss20-ss48) can make bold statements.


Flatback rhinestones are available in a vast array of colors, from clear and classic to vibrant and iridescent. When choosing rhinestone colors, consider the overall color scheme of your project. Clear rhinestones are versatile and can complement any design, while colored rhinestones can add specific accents and highlights.


The cut of a rhinestone affects its brilliance and how it reflects light. Common cuts include the round brilliant cut, which maximizes sparkle, and the flat cut, which offers a more subtle shine. The choice of cut will depend on the desired effect for your project.


Flatback rhinestones typically come with either a silver foil backing or a no-foil backing. Silver foil backing enhances the rhinestone’s brilliance by reflecting light. No-foil backing provides a more subdued sparkle and is often used when a more understated look is desired.

Application Methods

Adding rhinestones flat back to your landscape is beneficial. Here are some methods to use them.

Glue-On Rhinestones

Glue-on rhinestones have a flat back that can be adhered to surfaces using various types of glue. When using glue-on rhinestones, it’s essential to choose the right adhesive.

E6000 and Gem-Tac are popular choices for their strong bond and durability. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the rhinestone and press it onto the desired surface. Allow the glue to dry completely for a secure hold.

Hotfix Rhinestones

Hotfix rhinestones come with a heat-activated adhesive on their flat back. They are applied using a hotfix applicator or a household iron.

The heat melts the adhesive, allowing the rhinestone to bond with the fabric. Hotfix rhinestones are ideal for textiles and fabrics, providing a durable and long-lasting embellishment.

Tips for Choosing the Best Flatback Rhinestones

Choosing the right rhinestones bulk for your project can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you.

Know Your Project Needs

Before purchasing rhinestones, have a clear understanding of your project’s requirements. Consider the material you’ll be working with, the desired level of sparkle, and any budget constraints. Knowing these details will help you narrow down your options and make a more informed choice.

Research Brands

Not all rhinestones are created equal. Research reputable brands that are known for their quality and consistency. Swarovski, Preciosa, and DMC are well-regarded in the crafting community for their high-quality crystal rhinestones. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can also provide valuable insights.

Purchase Samples

If you’re unsure which rhinestones to choose, consider purchasing samples first. Many suppliers offer sample packs that include a variety of sizes, colors, and cuts. Sampling allows you to see and feel the rhinestones in person, helping you make a more confident decision.

Consider the Environment

Think about the environment in which your project will be used. For items that will endure wear and tear, such as clothing or accessories, opt for high-quality rhinestones with strong adhesive properties. For projects that will be displayed or handled less frequently, such as home décor, you may have more flexibility in your choice.

Budget Wisely

While high-quality rhinestones can be an investment, it’s essential to budget wisely. Determine how many rhinestones you’ll need for your project and calculate the cost accordingly. Investing in higher-quality rhinestones can enhance the overall look and longevity of your project, making it worth the expense.

Experiment with Placement

Placement can significantly impact the final look of your design. Experiment with different arrangements and spacing before committing to a layout. Creating a mock-up or sketch of your design can help visualize the final result and ensure the rhinestones enhance your project as intended.

Use the Best Flatback Rhinestones Today

In conclusion, selecting the perfect flatback rhinestones for your designs can truly elevate your projects and make them stand out. With the above guide, you now have the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions when purchasing rhinestones.

So why wait? Take your designs to the next level and start creating with the best flatback rhinestones today!

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