Top 5 Trending Apple AirPods Skins in 2021

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Top 5 Trending Apple AirPods Skins in 2021

There are plenty of places to get Apple Airpods skins – so many, in fact, that it’s hard to cut through the noise to find the best ones. That’s why we compiled the top 5 trending skins for your custom Apple Airpods. With one of these decorating your Airpods case, you’ll turn your case into a fashion statement everyone else will eye with envy.


Made with premium 3M vinyl, these skins fully wrap around your case and each individual AirPod, making it perfect if you’re seeking a fully immersive fashion statement. The vinyl is easy to apply without bubbles or ripples, and if you ever want to switch things up, no worries – you can remove the skins easily without residue. You have a wide range of artwork options on this site, but we like this artistic Chinoiserie-inspired set, personally.


SlickWraps is the place to go if you like a simple-yet-bold statement with your Airpods skins. Each order includes 2 sets of skins so you can replace them when you need to (or gift them to a friend). The skins are textured and stylish and made of removable, reusable, commercial-grade vinyl. You can even choose between a full set or skins only for your earpods or the case – so you can mix and match if you want to. Go with one of their pre-made styles like the marble series, or design your own.


SkinIt is one of the biggest places to head when you’re looking for Apple Airpods skins. They take their skins seriously. Create your own with their custom maker, or go with one of their pre-made options. You can find sleek, stylish marble, comic book and anime designs, or your favorite sports team.


DBrand’s high-precision, luxurious skins are the utmost in style and sleekness. They’re guaranteed to fit your case perfectly and give your Airpods case a rugged, textured look. You can choose from options like carbon fiber, leather, stone, dragon, camo, or pastel colors. A lot of Apple AirPods skins tend to be more feminine, so if you’re into masculine designs, this is a good place to look.

Native Union

Sometimes you just want something simple, sleek, and timeless to beautify your Apple Airpods case. When that’s your goal, turn to Native Union. Choose from sleek options like the textured, leather-inspired Heritage case or the simple, sleek leather option in mint, brown, or black. Well-made skins like these prove that you don’t need to be flashy to make a fashion statement.

These are the best places to look when you’re searching for the perfect skin to turn your Apple Airpods case from a utilitarian item to a status symbol and fashion statement. And the great thing about skins is they’re easy to remove and switch up over time. No need to commit to just one; order a few and mix and match when the mood strikes you.

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