Why choose Microsoft Office 365 over G-suite?

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Microsoft’s Office 365 was recently renamed Microsoft 365 is a great product, but a key factor in choosing a suite of productivity tools is how they fit into your organization’s systems and goals. or Microsoft has established itself as an industry leader and many companies license from Microsoft. This is because it was the default choice by Microsoft when setting up their office.

Office suite technology is essential productivity software. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations form your knowledge store and keep things running smoothly. This software allowed companies to leap from the clunky floppy disk and CD era and also promote process transparency, data democratization, and cross-team collaboration on a common platform.

It is often said that the feature load of Microsoft tools makes cloud collaboration smooth and interactive. This is exactly why most businesses Migrate G suite to Office 365 at some point.

Comparison between Office 365 and G-suite:

Storage Capabilities

G Suite’s Basic plan offers just 30 GB per user, while the equivalent Business Essentials plan offers 1 TB. This is one of the main reasons businesses move from G Suite to o365.

However, most Microsoft 365 plans maintain the 1 TB limit. Google, on the other hand, offers unlimited storage on its Business and Enterprise plans. On that note, graphics and video-intensive businesses will quickly exhaust the 1 TB barrier. For most other small businesses, this is sufficient. Note that the 1 TB limit also applies to G Suite if you are onboard with fewer than 5 users for her. Also, the Service offered by Microsoft like Azure Backup Service lets you back up all your data and makes it comfortable to use it from anywhere even at the time of disaster.


Gmail doesn’t have the sorting and filtering features that Outlook offers. This capability is important if your organization relies heavily on large networks (which is common for digital-first organizations). This feature is essential. This is especially true in a mixed vendor environment. This is a factor attributed to companies migrating email from G Suite to Office 365.

Apps integration

Office 365 and G Suite both offer desktop and web applications. Most of their apps are available on both platforms. G Suite has no equivalent to Microsoft Stream. The latter enables secure video sharing, which is essential for training and educational purposes. This feature is intended to make collaboration more practical.

However, you can find big differences even within similar apps, and sometimes even big differences. Microsoft is desktop-based, so most Office apps are packed with awesome features that give users complete autonomy. G Suite may require the purchase of third-party tools to perform some important functions.


Microsoft offers businesses an abundance of opportunities that change with the needs of your business. Whether you are scaling up or down, Microsoft always has something for you.

Cloud hosting solutions are plentiful, but many have the same difficulties when it comes to migrating content. Apps4rent in particular has launched Migration Services to handle your entire migration process. This Hosting provider takes full responsibility for ensuring the availability of the Office 365 platform. These providers support many migration services and also help to provide the best Azure Virtual Desktop solution which makes them the perfect partners for choosing services.

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