2020 Election Predictions by State

by Staff
2020 election predictions by state

Today, Digest Publisher and New Theory Podcast host, Tom LaVecchia, breaks down 2020 election predictions by state. For the purpose of these predictions, many U.S. states that have historically voted blue are left blue; states that are historically red have been left red. In this episode, Tom covers where he believes the battleground and toss-up states will land as it pertains to the Electoral College.

Arizona, for instance, has historically voted red and although there has been a population shift, New Theory sees this state voting red in 2020. Colorado is considered a battleground state but has a lot of left-leaning voters, these electoral votes will likely be won by Biden. In Florida, Trump has spent a lot of resources. The Venezuelan and Cuban votes could help swing the Florida voters in one direction or another.

On the Wisconsin Vote

“The tragedy of George Floyd has put Kenosha, Wisconsin on the map. I see an outpouring of Black voters – enough to keep Wisconsin blue. You also have Milwaukee and Madison which are deeply liberal cities, which I believe will usurp the rural vote.”

On the Nevada Vote

“Trump has spent a ton of time in Nevada. He has a strong ground game there – a lot of resources. The casinos have been decimated. There is a large Hispanic population [in Nevada], I think the Hispanic population is going to shift the [vote] somewhat towards Trump.”

What do you think the final poll results will be? Check out the full 7-minute analysis of 2020 election predictions by state.

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