8 NJ Pizzerias to Try Before the End of the Year

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Pizza is extremely popular in New Jersey. In fact, it’s popular everywhere, but it’s certainly one of the main eats in the state. While people can also sample some fine dining and enjoy a high-end offering, sometimes a slice or two of pizza is needed.

After all, people love pizza. A versatile food that can be eaten for lunch or dinner, it’s a favorite for so many people. Pizza lovers consume pizza-related content on YouTube, they regularly follow pizza recipes on TikTok, and they even play leading pizza-themed games like PIZZA! PIZZA? PIZZA!, a title that is filled with cheesy, doughy goodness. Thankfully, New Jersey’s pizza offering is just as memorable, with a selection of pizzerias serving up some of the most delicious slices you can get anywhere in America.

Offering a range of styles, let’s take a look at 8

Tony D’s Pizza (Caldwell)

Kicking things off with an Italian-style favorite, Tony D’s Pizza in Caldwell is hard to fault. The pizzas rarely change, while the delicious toppings provide the ultimate burst of flavor. A welcoming place to munch on some truly crispy pies, Tony D’s Pizza is delicious.

Carmine’s Pizza Factory (Jersey City)

If you’re in need of a slice of pizza heaven while walking around Jersey City, then tracking down Carmine’s Pizza Factory is highly recommended. An Italian family business, there are some seriously authentic slices to devour there, with their homemade dough and fresh Sicilian pies providing a taste sensation that many other pizza makers strive to achieve.

Queen’s (Newark)

After delighting diners for around 32 years, it’s no surprise that Queen’s has made the list. A family-owned establishment, every slice is bursting with flavor as pizza lovers regularly frequent this truly excellent pizza joint. The broccoli rabe, sausage and cherry tomatoes pizza is a particular favorite, although the menu is strong overall.

Bricco Coal Fired Pizza (Westmont)

If you prefer your pizzas to be baked in traditional pizza ovens and offer locally sourced ingredients, then you can’t really go wrong with Bricco Coal Fired Pizza. If you’re in Westmont and require a slice of goodness, then this wonderful pizza restaurant definitely won’t let you down.

Anthony’s Pizzeria (Rockaway)

A trusted pizza place in the area, Anthony’s Pizzeria has been serving up pizza to their loyal customers for years. From whole pies to pizza by the slice, you won’t be disappointed when visiting this authentic pizza joint.

DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies (Robbinsville)

A pizza spot that is always alive and enticing people in, DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies deserve to be munched down on a daily basis. Located in Robbinsville, this authentic restaurant serves up classic, Italian-American pizzas that are capable of pleasing the most discerning of pizza eaters. DeLorenzo’s rich tomato sauce is a particular highlight, while the fresh and doughy crusts are unbeatable.

Razza (Jersey City)

A favorite pizza place for so many people in New Jersey, Razza is well worth trying if you haven’t done so already. Using local ingredients to create some truly gorgeous pies, the old-school feel to this restaurant is felt in the methods they use to make pizzas. For example, the crusts are traditional, they make their own cheese in-house, and it’s pizza that is clearly made with a lot of love.

Brooklyn Boys (Edison)

Yet another undisputed favorite for thousands of people in the area is Brooklyn Boys, particularly for people who live in and around Edison. Offering Brooklyn-style pizza delights, there are so many stunning pizzas to get through at Brooklyn Boys. In fact, they’re all good.

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