Does Conditioner Improve Hair Quality?

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A good conditioner is the keystone of any successful hair care routine. After cleansing your hair with shampoo, you need to add moisture to fortify and make your follicles smooth. A conditioner will make your hair management process easier while providing it with that healthy shine. So what’s a colored hair conditioner? And does it improve the quality of hair? Let’s learn what a hair conditioner is and how it can improve your hair quality.

What is a Hair Conditioner?

A Conditioner is a moisturizing or conditioning treatment that includes surfactants, humectants, nutrients, oils, and emollients. Emollients and humectants make your hair flexible and soft by adding enough moisture and locking it in. Also popular in shampoos, surfactants are soap-like compounds that wash oils and cleanse the hair.

After shampoos clean and remove oils, conditioners reintroduce moisture into the hair. The reintroduced moisture is important as it smoothens your strands for a soft, shiny, and healthy finish. It’s just similar to washing your face and then applying a moisturizer. Simply put, a conditioner is primarily a moisturizer designed for the hair. It protects the hair from damage and split ends by reintroducing moisture.

How Conditioner Improves Hair Quality

A hair conditioner improves hair quality by offering the following benefits:

Protects the Cuticles

Protecting your cuticles is one of the most important benefits of hair conditioners. The cuticle is the outer part of your hair that includes scale-like cells. These cells not only make your hair look smooth and shiny but also protect the delicate inner parts from physical damage. A healthy cuticle makes your hair look shiny and smooth.

Common factors like chemical treatments, harsh environmental conditions, and lack of hydration damage the cuticle by making it open up. Open cuticles make your hair brittle and frizzy. Conditioning ingredients create a strong protective layer around the hair, making it healthy.

Keeps the Hair Moisturized

Surfactants available in your shampoo reduce the amount of essential oils in the hair and scalp. The best conditioner helps infuse the lost moisture into the hair strands. Stronger hair strands help reduce hair fall.

Repairs Heat and Chemically Damaged Hair

Overuse of chemical treatments and heat styling tools causes damage to your hair’s cuticle layer. This makes the hair weak, thin, and dehydrated. Luckily, a hair conditioner does an excellent job of bringing heat and chemically-damaged hair back to a healthy life. Regular use of conditioners soothes your dry and parched hair.

Final Thoughts

Dermatologists have proven that hair conditioning ingredients such as Babassu oil are beneficial to attaining shiny, voluminous, and healthy hair. This natural oil source provides your hair with antioxidants and fatty acids that repair rough, damaged, and split ends hair.

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