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San Francisco is teeming with office buildings, and not a day goes by where you won’t see professional movers zooming about. Companies often change office locations when they experience growth or when they go through hard times. However, although San Francisco is filled with corporate movers, you should know that each commercial moving company is unique. Some are excellent with what they do, while others are not so. If you’re thinking about moving into another office building, here’s a handy guide on what to look for in an office moving company.

Think About Your Needs and Budget

Before you reach out to corporate movers in your area, you need to determine your needs and budget. Business movers come in all shapes and sizes, and each company has its expertise. To find the one that matches your needs, you first need to determine your needs.

If you’re moving office buildings because your business is in trouble, then you need business movers that offer affordable rates. If your business is doing great and you’re moving into an even bigger office space, you may need movers who provide a wide range of services that offer convenience and equipment safety.

Get Recommendations From Your Peers

Office buildings have their ecosystem consisting of different companies from various industries. What are the chances that someone in your building knows a good San Francisco office moving company that’s right up your budget? Ask your peers if they’ve worked with corporate movers before and ask for their recommendations.

Ask for Proof of Legitimacy and Registration

Once you’ve started talking to moving companies in your area, the first thing you need to ask from them is proof of legitimacy. Are they allowed to provide commercial moving services in the state of California? It goes without saying that you should only deal with legitimate companies. Here is an example of one of the trusted companies.

Remember that corporate moves are much different than residential moves. Your office contains data, equipment, and furniture that are not only valuable – some of them have an impact on your company’s success. You should never leave valuable assets like that in the hands of shady companies, no matter how reasonable their rates are.

Working with legitimate companies has several benefits. For one, if you experience problems during the move, you can be compensated financially because legit corporate movers are insured. Also, since they are registered with the appropriate government agencies, you can formally file a complaint against them, and the agencies in question will help you with your complaint.

Look at Their Insurance Options

We mentioned that all legitimate moving companies are insured. Professional movers all offer insurance as part of their moving package. Of course, this free insurance is usually the most basic and has limited coverage. Basic insurance coverage may not be enough if you’re moving to an office filled with several computers, high-end equipment, and sensitive data.

When speaking to corporate movers, ask them if they have other tiers of insurance protection. Most companies have several options available for their clients. Of course, the higher the coverage, the more you have to pay. However, if your company moves several vital assets, the money you spend on extra insurance will be all worth it.

Check For Previous Commercial Experience

This guide is made specifically for business movers, and your options should also be specific to those. Many moving companies offer residential and commercial moving services, but are they experienced in the latter? Some companies provide both but only have experience moving homes and apartments.

Commercial moves carry with them a lot more responsibility because of the sheer value of the assets you’re moving. Ask the companies you’re speaking to if they have commercial moving experience and if they have experience moving offices in your particular field or industry.

Look For Services Targeted Towards Businesses

If an office moving company specializes in commercial moves, it’s only natural that they have services targeted towards businesses. We know that cost may be a significant factor to consider during moves. Still, it’s always a good idea to avail of any extra services if they can make the move more convenient and ensure the safety of your office assets.

Ask the company if they offer package deals for office moves. This means that aside from office moves, they also offer car shipping and employee relocation services. You can save more money if they have these services bundled up. When it comes to office moves, you usually have to transport company vehicles, and your employees may also need to relocate closer to the new office.

If your company is in the tech field, you may want to avail of packing services to protect your company assets. Corporate movers usually have an extra service to take care of everything, from disassembling your machines and equipment to putting them back together once you reach your new office.

Find The Right Commercial Movers For Your Office Move

When moving offices, you’re not only moving physical equipment and furniture; you’re moving essential assets that will influence your company’s success. This is why you should only hire the best commercial movers who will not only care about getting the job done but making sure your company’s move goes off without a hitch, so nothing gets in the way of your company’s progress and growth.

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Levi Armstrong January 29, 2022 - 9:27 am

You made a good point when you said I should ask for recommendations from my peers when looking for a business moving company. Perhaps they can recommend a company they have already worked with before. My mom will benefit from your tips since she’s moving to a new office next month. I’ll show this article to her later after dinner.


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