How Weather Can Damage Your Home & How To Fix It

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Weather is something that can impact any home regardless of where the property is located. Some homeowners are thankful to live in environments that don’t experience a huge amount of adverse weather conditions. Others are less fortunate and do get more severe weather.


However, when it comes to weather in general, damage can happen to a property regardless of how extreme it may be. Some properties are older in age and therefore more susceptible to damage, even if it’s just a light period of rainfall.


Here are some of the ways weather can damage your home and how to fix it.



There are many weather conditions that can impact the foundations of the home. This can be heavy rainfall, hail, or snow, for example. Earthquakes can also impact the foundations of the home. Pinnacle Foundation Repair is a business that can help fix foundations when they’ve been damaged by weather.


It’s something that can cause a lot of stress in the home as it can shift the structure of the property in general. It’s important to get it fixed, sooner rather than later to avoid any serious damage that ends up costing a fortune to repair.

Roof Exposure

Roof exposure can be a problem because it’s the one part of the home that you don’t want to get damaged. After all, it covers the property and keeps out the wet, cold and adverse weather that could cause serious damage to the interior.


Harsh weather can rip apart roofs and can cause leaks to happen within the interior of the home. Fixing this should be done quickly in order to avoid more damage. Not only that but the longer the roof is exposed, the more rain and cold air are likely to get into the home, compromising it further.

Gutter Damage

Certain weather conditions like high winds and snow can cause gutter damage. Gutters are sturdy but when it comes to being weighted down by snow or being bashed about by high winds, it can cause damage.


Gutter damage leads to further foundational problems in the structure of the home. Water can get onto the walls of the home and seep into them, creating instability.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are often caused by extreme weather conditions where the outside air is so cold that it freezes the pipes and in some cases, can cause them to burst.


Having frozen or burst pipes is not enjoyable in the slightest and can cause problems with the heating. It also makes it problematic to get access to water.

Sun Exposure On Furnishings

With weather damage, sun exposure is one of those problems that people can forget about. However, sun exposure can damage furnishings, causing them to fade colors on furniture and flooring.


It’s worthwhile investing in UV blinds or curtains that help keep out the sun’s exposure that causes damage without blocking out the warm heat that’s needed.


Be aware of the damage that comes from the weather in general so that you can help protect your home.

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