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Our world is digitalized through and through. Everything is surrounded by technology, and it’s literally the major part of every sphere of our life. However, due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, some things are unfairly demonized, or, vice versa, overestimated in their influence. Let’s have a look into the most common myths regarding the gadgets we use daily, and see the truth behind them.

Myth 1. Phone works longer if charged from zero

This is one of the most harmful myths, as modern lithium-ion batteries will wear off faster than expected. That’s the reason why all smartphones turn on a battery-saving option when their level drops lower than 20%, and ultra-saving mode when reaching critical percent. To provide a prolonged functioning of the phone battery, keep the steady charge between 20-80%. Also, don’t leave the phone without charging for an extended period, as it will have a detrimental influence on the battery’s functioning. 

Myth 2.  Batteries have a memory

This myth is the basis for the above-mentioned one. At the initial stage of phone development, the devices were equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries that really had memory for charges and wouldn’t let charging over a certain threshold. That’s the reason for a “zero battery” statement, which worked as a memory reset.  

Myth 3. The more megapixels – the better the images

Smartphones let you use the camera instantly, helping to capture the moment you like and share it on social networking sites. One of the best marketing tricks to force people into buying new phones over and over again – the number of camera pixels. In reality, their number doesn’t influence the quality of the picture, but its resolution. It only benefits the quality of the printed image without the loss of definition. 

Digital photo quality is defined by the quality of the lens, filters, size of sensors, pixel distribution, etc. 

If you look for proficiency and impeccable quality photos, side with professional cameras and special equipment for them. Check the Alimart offers, as the choice for those who are into photography is tremendous. 

Myth 4. 5G Towers destroy nature and make people sick

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

They don’t. First of all, with such an approach to new technologies, we would still be living somewhere in the 13-14 centuries. Secondly, people who claim the harmful effect of 5G mainly build their arguments on non-existent facts and emotions. 5G is an electromagnetic wave with high frequency, which allows it to carry more information faster. It has small wavelengths that can’t penetrate the body. 

Scientists are still studying all the impacts of 5G on the surroundings, yet nothing catastrophic and harmful has been found yet. 

Myth 5. Overnight charging is harmful to the battery

Our phones are extremely smart, they make our life super-connected. They are smart enough to protect the system from overloading after the charge reaches 100%, it just stops. That’s why you can easily keep it charging during the night. 

The real thing to worry about is the heat. If you place your phone in a closed warm place (or under the pillow), there’s a high chance that it may burn itself out, which already happened to a few people. 

Myth 5. MacBooks are virus-proof

Macs don’t have a universal immune system. Their relative safety is just a marketing trick. The main idea of any virus is to harm as many systems as possible, that’s the main reason why Windows and Android face the issues, as the number of users is just incomparable. 

Besides, if we hear nothing about the security breaches of iOS, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist, just the number of users is significantly lower, and thus, it’s not that noticeable.

Myth 6. Incognito mode makes surfing protected

Unfortunately, it’s far from the truth. The private mode will just help to hide the history of your visits, cookies, site data, or information entered in forms from other users. Basically, it provides you with local protection. However, your activity will still be seen by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). 

The best way to protect your information from being tracked is to use VPN services. 

Myth 7. Microwave is a silent kitchen killer

If this were true, then two-thirds of humanity would just die out because of the usage of microwaves. It is true that microwave ovens use radiation to warm up your food. However, the thermal radiation is kept inside the oven, and all the external parts are safe. 

Besides, microwave heating doesn’t affect the meals, doesn’t enrich them with radiation, etc. It’s a safe and quick way to have a meal and keep doing your stuff. 

Our main power is knowledge. Technologies skyrocketed our development and evolution; the choice of devices is getting wider and wider, helping to make your life more comfortable. Don’t let the myths and legends take the lead over logic and reason.

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