The List of Great Programming Scholarships

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Programming is an excellent opportunity for a bright future and a successful career. When you choose a programming path, you can be sure of employment and outstanding job opportunities. To ensure a career in programming, you must start with solid programming scholarships.

In this article, we will help you to choose an excellent scholarship. With our guide, you can consider all possibilities and your chances. Several colleges require completing programming assignments before successful admission. You may consider hiring a coding expert to solve your “do my programming assignment” typical issue.

How to Choose a Programming Scholarship

Finding a programming scholarship can be challenging; however, by understanding academic performance, financial need, and the type of program available – you can make an informed decision when choosing.

Academic performance is vital in selecting a programming scholarship, as most are awarded to students who have achieved excellence in their studies. Consider your grades carefully and aim for high scores if possible.

Financial need also plays an essential role in selecting the right program for yourself; many scholarships are available depending on the student’s economic standing or level of poverty, making them eligible for funding. This should be taken into account before applying to any grant or loan system that may involve additional commitments beyond just studying programming on its own merits.

There are two main types of scholarships which include merit-based and need-based options with specific criteria attached, such as goals set out by sponsors/donors before applicants submit applications accordingly. Consider each carefully, as some may require different enrollment periods and standards when measuring success and progress toward completion post-enrollment within the given time frame.

#1 Google Lime Scholarship

Google’s education and scholarship programs are committed to inspiring and helping students become future leaders in computing and technology, especially those who face barriers due to disabilities. Together with Lime Connect, a nonprofit organization that supports students with disabilities in pursuing an educational career in computer sciences, Google offers a 10k USD (for US) or 5K CAD (for CA) scholarship for university students studying computer science during 2022-2023.

To be eligible for the Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Have or consider themselves as having a visible or invisible disability according to Lime Connect’s approach;
  • Be currently enrolled full-time in Bachelors program at an accredited university;
  • Intend on enrolling into an accredited university either in US/CA by 2023-24;
  • Possess strong academic record pursuing degree-related technical fields like Computer Science & Engineering while exhibiting leadership passion towards gaining success via Computing Technology.

Selection is performed based on the overall strength of the material submitted compared against the entire applicant pool with any anonymized versions available per demand post-review period.


#2 Amazon Future Engineer

The Amazon Future Engineer program is addressing an important issue in today’s society by focusing on making computer science and STEM accessible to all. Through funding and scholarships, and internships, they offer $40,000 worth of help each year to 250 students. By doing this, they aim to remove educational barriers preventing certain groups from progressing.

If you are a student, a teacher, or even a parent who believes in the power of computer science and wants to empower people – join the mailing list provided or sign up directly on their website! With Amazon’s resources, be ready to make fundamental changes the community needs for current and future generations. Take advantage of this unique chance offered by one of the leading tech companies, which shows how committed it is to providing equal access to education despite social class discrepancies.


#3 Apple Academic Excellence Scholarship

Every year, Apple offers excellent scholarships to students in many disciplines, including programming. As a first-rate software and device developer, Apple constantly needs top-notch engineers and programmers. The company continually spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to find and train talented developers.

You can always check the current options on the company’s official website. If you check the options regularly, you will indeed find an extraordinary scholarship that suits you personally.


#4 AISES Intel Scholarship Fund

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) has partnered with Intel to create the AISES Intel Scholarship Fund. This fund annually provides $5,000 undergraduate and $10,000 graduate awards to full-time college students of American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian heritage majoring in computer science.

These non-renewable awards may be used at a 4-year accredited institution within the United States that accepts the scholarship’s requirements for funding. Applicants must maintain a minimum “B” average or higher and provide evidence of 25% native ancestry when applying for AISES membership.

In addition to providing monetary assistance towards educational costs such as tuition fees or research costs associated with their studies, recipients also benefit from mentorship opportunities provided by members of AISES advisors throughout their academic careers and after graduation.

#5 Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship

The Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships program is a fantastic opportunity for high school seniors of African descent interested in technology, such as computer programming. The scholarship provides $5,000 towards their college education. To be eligible, you must have evidence of leadership ability, displayed technological skills, and a 3.3 GPA or higher across your undergraduate studies thus far.

Financial aid will also be considered when choosing potential recipients of this significant award. On top of displaying academic understanding, it is beneficial to provide information about additional extracurricular activities that showcase the further development of technical skillset by applicants for the program. This is an incredible offer from one of the world’s leading tech companies toward paying for college – don’t miss out!

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