Understanding the Significant Benefits of Recombinant Protein for Laboratory Research

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Some laboratories are creating recombinant versions of premium-quality proteins. These laboratories purify native proteins. Many researchers are using exemplary verification studies to produce recombinant protein. The recombinant protein has several benefits when it comes to researchers to help people fight diseases.

Understanding the usefulness of recombinant protein

There are various benefits of recombinant protein, which can benefit the research work miraculously.


Some laboratories take care of recombinant proteins from inception to completion, focusing on them so that they perform as closely as possible and look very similar to the native forms. Professional laboratories use purification techniques to maintain the integrity of the protein even during the purification stage. Recombinant proteins in these laboratories are based on clinical analyzers. This allows the recombinant protein to be recognized by a series of antibody systems.

No interference

Many native proteins get purified from starting materials that contain certain kinds of proteins that are very similar to the target protein that is getting filtered. These contaminating proteins become quite troublesome because they lead to interference in the immunity system. Additionally, you can say that protein contaminants also contribute to a lengthy purification system. On the other hand, recombinant proteins do not contain a protein that is structurally or biologically similar to the protein that is getting purified. Such the final product you will get will be apparent without having any traces of native contaminating proteins.

No disease testing

Native human proteins get purified from materials that might carry specific infectious disease agents. When testing happens at the donor level, it becomes confirmed that any contagious disease is absent; as such many native proteins get purified from tissues. In these cases, people send the tissue extracts to laboratories to confirm the absence of DNA or any infectious disease agent.

Starting material is renewable

Recombinant proteins are not subject to any delays caused by interruptions while procuring native human starting materials. Native human proteins or heavily dependent on the availability of the starting materials that come from individual donors. As such human fluids and tissues will not always be available when you require them for the test, which will result in a delay in production. On the other hand, recombinant cell lines can get harvested whenever you need them and will not depend on the centers for collection or even the availability of donors. Hence, understanding custom recombinant protein production is necessary.

Batch sizes are scalable

After the recombinant cell line gets established, you may produce large volumes of starting material in a short period of time. As a result, protein purification will be on schedule, and you will get quality finished products always handy in stock.

Production time is short

Native starting materials contain specific protein contaminants that become very difficult to remove. Impurities in the native starting material delay the purification process because of their rigid nature. When you get these kinds of contaminants, purification may take a very long time in contrast to a purification process with recombinant protein, which is much shorter. You will take weeks to measure it rather than waiting months for the results.

Recombinant protein can pace up the purification process!

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