Former Governor Chris Christie Announces Presidential Bid

by Peter Candia
Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination during a town hall event in New Hampshire on Tuesday evening. 

This marks Christie’s second presidential campaign, as he previously ran in 2016 but was knocked out of the primary early on by a fierce Donald Trump. The highlight of his 2016 run was a clap-back toward Marco Rubio, which Christie, to this day, claims as the punishing blow for the Florida Senator. A closer look, though, reveals that even Rubio remained in the race longer than Chris Christie. 

Following his loss, Christie became an advisor to Trump, but their relationship ultimately soured when he disagreed with the former president’s refusal to accept the outcome of the 2020 election. Christie presents himself as the sole candidate willing to directly confront Donald Trump—a bold stance to take against someone who is undoubtedly the Republican frontrunner. 

Christie will join a crowded field of contenders in the primary race, including Trump, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, Nikki Haley, former United Nations Ambassador, and Tim Scott, a U.S. Senator from South Carolina. Meanwhile, former Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to officially launch his own campaign in Iowa on Wednesday.

As the Republican primary field grows, it becomes increasingly apparent that a nominee other than Trump is highly unlikely. The party’s voter base remains somewhat split between those who are ride-or-die for Donald Trump and those who want a new face in the Republican seat, with the latter being scattered amongst several candidates. 

For better or for worse, Christie feels he could be that new face. 

During his time as Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie was able to rack up two complete terms but left office with just a 17 percent job approval rating. Rather than policy, many remember Christie as the guy who took his family to a closed beach during the state Government shutdown in 2017, imposed by Christie himself. “Rules for thee,” or whatever it is they say. 

A 2022 Fairleigh Dickinson poll showed that only 12 percent of New Jersey registered Republicans—a needed piece for his base—believe Christie should run for president, meaning he is already starting a leg behind in the race. 

This isn’t the end-all for the former Governor’s presidential dreams, though. In the infamous 2016 primaries, Trump remained an underdog for quite some time before catapulting himself to the top of the podium by offering voters a fresh take on conservative politics, complete with a questionable slogan and loud merchandise. So, it remains true that Christie, though unlikely, could still figure out a way to the top. 

The improbable Presidency has people wondering why Christie is even running in the first place. Is it to snag a book deal? Probably not, as the former Governor authored a book less than two years ago titled Republican Rescue: Saving the Party from Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden.” Maybe it is to get his name out there more? Also unlikely, as Christie remains a decently large name in American politics, and getting pummeled in a midterm isn’t going to add to that. 

Whatever the reason may be, Chris Christie has announced his Presidential campaign, leaving many to wonder what the future of the former Governor holds. Will he pull off the unthinkable? Or, will a loss succumb him to the throes of ridicule? We will just have to wait and see. 

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