Cherry Blossom Peak Season Has Arrived in NJ (Best Dates to See in 2024)

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cherry blossoms nj 2024

Now that the usual April washout has subsided, New Jersey is finally in bloom and surrounded by vibrant greenery and colorful flowers, with cherry blossom trees being among the most iconic. Despite the common belief that the best cherry blossoms are found in other parts of the Eastern U.S. and Eastern Asia, the Garden State boasts a plethora of blooms in parks, arboretums, and trails across the state that are worth exploring.

Cherry blossoms bloom at different times each year depending on the location. For the year 2024, it’s anticipated that the peak cherry blossoms will occur during the first two weeks of April. Although the blooms only reach their brightest for a few days, the cherry blossom season typically spans a few weeks and may vary slightly depending on the climate.

When Will Cherry Blossoms Bloom in NJ in 2024?

With the rain finally subsiding, peak season has arrived as of today Thursday, April 4 and will last until Sunday, April 14. However, this does not mean you will not still be able to get a glimpse of the Garden State’s most ephemeral blooms, but we do recommend this date range to be considered peak season.

Fun Facts About Cherry Blossoms

Cherry trees, wild species in particular, are widespread across the Northern Hemisphere. They are notably abundant in East Asia, particularly in China and Japan, where extensive cultivation has led to the development of numerous varieties. One such example is the wild Himalayan cherry, scientifically known as Prunus cerasoides. This species is indigenous to the Himalayan region of Asia and is prevalent in countries such as Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Myanmar. Additionally, it is also subject to cultivation.

In Japanese culture, the word “sakura” can refer to both the tree itself and its blossoms. The cherry blossom holds significant cultural importance in Japan, being revered as the national flower. It plays a central role in the tradition of hanami, or flower viewing, where people gather to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms.

For our full list on the 12 best places to see cherry blossom in NJ, please visit our guide here.

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