What are the meanings of football numbers?

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In the world of football, players are assigned specific numbers on their jerseys that hold significance and convey certain meanings. Speaking about numbers, you can choose your lucky lotto numbers  which can maximize your winning probabilities.


Historically, football numbers were assigned to indicate positions and roles on the field. Currently, number assignments are much more flexible, yet, they can still provide a rough idea of what a specific player is doing. Let’s explore what football numbers may indicate.

To begin, the number 1 is traditionally worn by the goalkeeper. Also, while not unheard of, it is rare to see goalkeepers that wear any number between 2 and 11. Normally, substitute goalkeepers in a squad tend to have the number 12 and higher. At 1xBet you can also choose your lucky lotto numbers while waiting for the best goalkeepers in the sport.


Outfield players

Numbers between 2 and 6 are typically assigned to defenders who play in the backline. The number 2 is usually worn by the right-back, while the number 3 is for the left-back. Central defenders often wear numbers 4 and 5, with the number 6 occasionally given to a defensive midfielder. Before other great football matches begin, you can visit 1xBet and try it is excellent selection of games.


The numbers between 7 and 11 are commonly associated with midfielders and forwards, who are responsible for creating and scoring goals. Normally they can be summarized as follows:


  • number 7 is sometimes given to a right winger;
  • number 8 is usually assigned to a central midfielder who tends to perform a box-to-box role;
  • number 9 is given to a striker or center forward, in fact, some of the best attackers in the history of the sport have worn this shirt.
  • number 10 is probably the most famous football number, which is given to playmakers, and it has been won by legendary players who have taken this role, such as Lionel Messi, Pelé and Diego Maradona.
  • finally, number 11 is normally given to left wingers.

Numbers from 12 onwards normally don’t have any associated position. As said before, a substitute goalkeeper can have the number 12, however, it is perfectly normal to see outfield players using this number. If you wish to start betting on other legendary football players, you can sign up to the 1xBet website right now.

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