What You Should Know Before Shopping for Facial Beds for Your Salon

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Selecting the right facial bed for your salon is not a simple task as it will play a crucial role in attracting and retaining your customers. That being said, it would be wise to take vital factors into account before sealing a deal with a facial bed supplier, including its supposed usage, the type of people in your client base, and a lot more.


Factors to Take into Account in Choosing a Facial Bed




One of your topmost concerns when choosing a facial bed has to be its size. Spas are supposed to be a place where clients can relax and get pampered. Hence, you should make sure that your facial beds fit in your spa and will still leave enough space for clients to move and breathe.


When checking a facial bed’s size, make sure to thoroughly check its height, length, and width. Go for the one whose height can be adjusted, lifted, and lowered easily to make sure it can accommodate all of your clients. Meanwhile, the bed’s length will vary based on the weight of clients you want to cater to. It would be wise, nonetheless, to choose a bed that buffers 7 to 11 inches and comes with a headrest. And as for the width, you can consult your practitioners about their preferences. While on average, facial beds are 27-30 cm wide, try not to choose a facial bed that’s too big as it might cause complications and pain on the back of your practitioner and will affect the quality of your services in the long run.




The most basic facial beds already work as designed but some are made with extra features and speaking of which, one of the popular features clients appreciate is the ability of the facial bed to tilt and rotate from 90 to 360 degrees. While it can be an added value to your business, it is still best to review your original preferences and budget. Of course, the more features there are, the heftier the price tag will be.




Satisfied and happy customers will surely be revisiting. The more at ease they will feel during the treatment, the likelier they are to return. While your staff plays a big role in providing a satisfactory service, a high-quality facial bed is equally vital to achieving that. Hence, make sure that the facial bed you will buy is truly reliable and feels premium to lie down on.




It is easy to spot a facial bed that can seemingly cater to all body sizes and types but the question is, will it be able to withstand various heights and weights? Will it be able to maintain its power and remain functional and usable after a long time? Durability is another important factor to consider.




Even if a facial bed is durable and highly functional, no customer would be excited to lie down on it if it looks ugly. The value of style is undeniable when it comes to choosing a facial bed for your spa business. Design is also important. If you want to keep up with the competition, then you have to be financially ready to invest in this area. Make sure your facial beds complement the vibe of your spa in terms of color and design. As much as possible, make it look glamorous.




Besides your facial bed’s look and features, you will also want to ensure that the materials it is made of feel soft and comfortable and that the mattress it comes with is thick enough. Go for the facial bed with a smooth and dense foam as it is known to offer comfort and is also likely to last long. If you press the foam and it returns to its original form slowly, then it is dense.


The Right Facial Bed Supplier Will Be Your Best Friend


At first glance, it is hard to say that a facial bed can meet all of your requirements. In fact, only time can tell whether a facial bed is truly durable or not. To make sure you have invested in the right brand, it pays to learn how to spot a reliable facial beds supplier.



A good facial bed provider always has extensive know-how about its product. 


A good supplier will sound like a buyer’s consultant. Your preferences will be valued and the company will make sure to offer variants that fit your needs and preferences. As much as possible, find a supplier that has already spent decades in the industry – one who is seasoned enough to spot the exact facial bed you are looking for. Not only this can help you save time, but it will also increase your chances of making reliable decisions.


A good facial bed supplier knows how to follow through. 


The company should be service-oriented and ensures its customers are satisfied. The right ones will value feedback and suggestions and will always strive to improve.


Reputation will tell if you are with the right company. 


First impressions can boost a facial bed company’s image but how it remains consistent with the quality of its products and services will be its lifeline. It is what will make up its overall reputation and credibility. To check whether a company is worthy of consideration or otherwise, let unbiased product reviews and feedback be your ultimate guide.


The right facial bed supplier innovates from time to time. 


The right company will not stop innovating and ensures it stays on top of the competition. It makes sure to produce better facial beds with awesome features from time to time.


The right supplier will have a variety of facial bed products to offer. 


As such an investment will not be cheap, a seasoned facial bed supplier will always make sure it has a competitive product to offer for all budget ranges.


Finding the right facial bed provider for your salon is indeed challenging. Thus, to ensure a good return on investment, purchases should not be made on impulse. Allow this guide to help you through.

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