Cheap & Affordable Mattresses For A Better Night’s Sleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial and means both your body and brain can function as they should so you can take on the day ahead. To achieve restful sleep, you’re going to need a mattress that suits you perfectly, so you can be comfortable and supported during the night – but purchasing a new mattress can be costly, so if you’re looking for a mattress under 1000, read on to find a product that will suit your requirements even on a budget.

How to choose your mattress 

Choosing your perfect mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep, but did you know, that there are many factors to consider before you can make your decision? Often, we can suffer from interrupted sleep if we can’t get comfortable, so when making your decision on which mattress to buy, it is important that you think about the position that you sleep in, and what type of mattress will support your body best, so that you can sleep soundly throughout the night. You should also consider your budget. Maybe you’ve been putting off making your purchase because you know how much mattresses cost – if this is the case, don’t worry! We’ll look at some of the budget options on the market to suit you, no matter which position you sleep in.

Sleeping position 

There are 4 types of sleepers that all need different levels of support and cushioning from their mattress so that their bodies are supported in a way that means they can stay comfortable, with their spines aligned throughout the night. These sleeping positions are as follows:

  • Side sleepers: This type of sleeper is most comfortable on their left or right side, sometimes a combination of both. Side sleepers require a cushioned mattress that can aid pressure points like the knees, hips, and shoulders, as well as support to ensure their spine remains in alignment.  
  • Back sleepers: This type of sleeper rests on their back, facing the ceiling. Back sleepers benefit from a mattress that provides support to their shoulders and mid-section of their body, to prevent sinking out of alignment.
  • Front sleepers: Stomach sleepers are most comfortable sleeping face down, and because of this, they can benefit from a firmer mattress, so that their stomach does not sink and create a U-shaped spine – this can cause them to wake with aches and pains. A medium-firm mattress would be best so that support is present but won’t cause discomfort. 
  • Combination sleepers: This type of sleeper changes positions throughout the night, sleeping in whichever position they feel most comfortable, in this case, this type of sleeper should choose a medium firmness as this can cater for most positions. 

Types of mattresses 

Now that we’ve looked at the types of sleepers, it is essential that we know which type of mattress would suit you best. By doing this, you can narrow down your search, and ensure that you are choosing a mattress that can provide you with both support and comfort, resulting in a great night’s sleep.

An innerspring mattress is one of the most popular on the market, it is made up of springs and can provide the highest levels of support, as well as allow air to flow through for a cooling sensation. These are also some of the most affordable mattresses to manufacture and buy. Memory foam mattresses are also becoming popular in modern homes – they offer comfort and support, as the foam contours to the body. These mattresses are great for side sleepers that benefit from pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses are some of the most advanced on the market, they are made up of internal springs, with one layer or more for comfort, often provided by foam or gel. They can be expensive but are some of the highest quality products available to suit almost every sleeper. There are also latex mattresses available that are hypo-allergenic and give the same type of support featured in memory foam products.


Mattresses can be an expensive investment; it goes without saying – but there are models available that can suit your sleeping position and levels of support and comfort without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the most affordable mattresses on the market that could be the perfect option for you.

Nectar mattress 

This mattress is said to be one of the best overall. It is a gel memory foam mattress that is medium firm, so great for those of us that like to feel like our mattress is cradling our body. It can distribute weight evenly and takes the pressure off the shoulders and hips, making it a good option for side sleepers. This mattress has excellent motion transfer so you can benefit from a restful night’s sleep even if you sleep with a partner.

Helix Midnight 

This hybrid mattress offers support for all positions. It is a little softer than the nectar but offers contouring support with cushiony foam and coils for that extra bit of bounce. It is rated highly when it comes to spinal alignment, and pressure relief and if you’re conscious of the environment, this mattress uses eco-friendly materials too.

Nolah Original 

A mattress perfect for combination sleepers, this all-foam mattress is good quality for money. It scores highly for spine alignment, as well as comfort and lumbar support no matter what position you prefer to sleep in. It has a layer of high-resilience foam underneath the Airfoam that supports the spine and stops that sinking feeling we’re all familiar with. It can benefit those that suffer back pain, as well as offer motion isolation for couples.

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