When Should I Wear a Blazer?

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A blazer is a simple, classic piece of men’s clothing that fits with almost any ensemble. Whether you’re aiming for smart-casual or formal, this fashion item has the ability to add an element of “coolness” to the look. Now, what guy wouldn’t want that?

Stylish Alpha believes that every man’s wardrobe should include an assortment of blazers for various occasions. There’s always going to be a place for a blazer, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. But in what situations specifically, you ask? That’s what we’ll be discussing today as we go over the best times to wear a blazer.

What Are the Best Times To Wear a Blazer?

What’s great about blazers is that they can enhance everything you’ve got going on and hide the things you’re insecure about. While wearing them every day is fine, these are really the times you want to be donning blazers:

Weekend Getaways

Going away and relaxing for the weekend doesn’t mean foregoing stylish pieces of clothing. A blazer can turn an otherwise sloppy ensemble into something memorable. This is all the more important if you’re traveling with friends who, despite your closeness, are still people you want to impress.

Your standalone navy blazer matched with a stylish pair of jeans is sure to earn you the fashion stamp of approval of many of your friends. And who knows? It might even catch the eye of a potential date. Now that’s certainly worth packing a blazer for, isn’t it?

When You Need To Layer

Layering to keep the cold at bay doesn’t mean you don’t get to be stylish. Remember that a blazer is meant to be worn with a couple of layers underneath, so there should be no problem incorporating it into your cold-weather wear.

Also, because of the blazer’s roomier fit, you can wear more layers than usual to keep warm and comfortable. Nevertheless, you need to make sure the entire outfit looks pleasing and doesn’t inhibit your movement. You should also be able to stretch in it without too much difficulty.

A Night Out

A night out with friends is a perfect time to wear a blazer. This piece of clothing treads the line between casual and formal, offering the ideal combination for showing off a unique style that’s bound to turn heads.

Whether it’s dinner at a restaurant or drinks at the bar, a jeans-and-blazer combo should do wonders. Wear the dress shirt tucked in and cap off the look with a pair of Oxfords and a belt, and you’ll be turning heads for sure. Finally, muss up your hair a bit to achieve that “just got out of bed” hairdo that a lot of people dig.

When You Need Something Other Than a Suit Jacket

Suit jackets are more formal than blazers, so you can’t get away with wearing them too many times. If you’ve worn your suit jacket fairly recently, chances are it will be a while before you can wear it again. That’s because its design is so distinct that most would be able to tell if you’re repurposing it.

On the other hand, blazers have that casual element going on that gives you a pass to wear it as many times as you want. Plus, it will look different with every outfit you pair it with.

When You’re Looking To Achieve the Perfect Autumn Style

Fall weather is the perfect excuse for breaking out that stylish blazer. When wearing it over a button-up, your blazer should have the first few buttons undone to achieve that casual, relaxed look. Finish the outfit off with a pair of jeans or khakis, and you’ll look like you walked straight out of a fashion magazine’s fall cover.

Don’t button up your shirt all the way since this could make your outfit look stiff. It might also keep you from stretching comfortably or moving freely.

The Importance of a Good Fit

Blazers may be among the roomier pieces of fashion wear, but that doesn’t excuse picking a loose-fitting item. A blazer that’s too big is going to appear baggy, whereas one that’s too small might strain with or without layers of clothing underneath.

A blazer that fits well should hug your abdomen gently and flatten your build. Its lapels also shouldn’t look like they’ve been pulled too tightly, and it should wrap around the shoulders just right. Following the rules of fashion, your shirt should also extend a bit beyond the cuffs, although not completely past it that it buries your hands.

When Should You Wear a Blazer?

Basically, a blazer can be worn for almost any occasion. It’s designed to let the user adjust the number of layers worn underneath, making it ideal for warm and cold weather alike.

Plus, a blazer comes in different styles and materials to suit the temperature you plan to wear it in. Then, there’s also the versatility factor, which allows the blazer to adapt to almost any kind of look or ensemble.

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