Prepare Your RV For A Road Trip With This Useful Checklist

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Prepare Your RV For A Road Trip

The best way to enjoy your camping trip is by using Recreational Vehicles (RV). These vehicles come in different types, depending on your needs and preferences. One way of having a better trip is by checking if your RV has all the essentials. What are these essentials? It must have a good power source, water, better tires, fluids, a safety pack, and much more. This will ensure you don’t suffer inconveniences along the way. This article will discuss some essential preparations for your RV before embarking on your journey. Read on for the list.

Check on the power source

If planning to spend some days in the wilderness, you will need enough power for lighting, charging, and performing other camping duties. Some RVs have electrical capabilities, while others come with a simple battery, which is never enough for someone who requires much power on their journey. There are different RV power options you can consider for your RV. You have to get the right generator that can give you the necessary power for your appliances. There are many generators to choose from. It all depends on their brands, size, wattage, noise levels, and other features. Ensure you pick the right one that can fit well in your vehicle. A larger generator doesn’t mean more power, and a smaller one might fail to run all your appliances. Check on reviews and purchase the best.

Check on the water tank

Water is an essential commodity in a camping trip. It would be best if you carried enough of it, since you may not know whether you will have enough for your camping trip. Most people will winterize their water tanks before they store their RVs. It is important to de-winterize it and check for any damages before filling it with water. While the whole process may take time, it’s important to avoid suffering inconveniences in your camping journey. There is nothing worse than running out of water during camping. How do you carry this process? It involves running city water through the tank system for it to flush any dirty. If you had put antifreeze – which is poisonous, ensure you drain all the water even after rinsing it. Repeat the same process with fresh water, checking if there are any leakages on the tanks and the pipes.

Check the RV appliances

Your RV might contain propane gas for cooking and heating purposes. It is important to check the gas and the connections to ensure they are okay before your trip. You have to check the tanks, the valves, the pipes, and the firing equipment for any damages or malfunctioning. If something is wrong, ensure it’s repaired and tested by a professional to avoid inconveniences in your camping trip. Also, ensure to carry out a leak and pressure test to ensure everything works well. If having the refillable tanks, check on their expiry dates and ensure they are re-certified to be safe for use. It would be best if you did this at least once a year.

Check on the vehicle tires

Your vehicle should have the right tires in good condition at all times, even when not traveling. While some RV companies suggest changing the tires after every five years, you should check on the state and make replacements immediately if they are faulty. Your camping trip relies on these RV wheels. Make sure they take you there and back safely. You have to check on the tire pressure and ensure they have the right PSI. Also, ensure they have the required treads and have no cracks on the sides. If you find any wheel with deformities, change it before the trip.

Check on the seams

Most RV owners usually overlook the seams and end up suffering during their camping trips, especially when it rains. Having a cracked seam on your RV will mean getting leakages when it rains. Ensure you check on the seams at least once a year and that nothing leaks. How do you prevent leaks? You can start with the RV roofing and check for any cracks or damages. Seal them with a recommended sealant and ensure everything checks. If the whole procedure seems complicated, it’s better to have a professional checkup than traveling on a leaking vehicle which will cause lots of inconveniences.

Other things to check before embarking on your journey are the safety equipment and the first aid kit. While you may not be able to do all these things, it’s important having the essentials and having the vehicle checked by a professional to ensure you have a successful camping trip. Also, you will need to plan these procedures early enough. This idea ensures everything is checked well before the camping trip.

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