Why is Swaraj 855 FE Tractor considered Technologically advanced?

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In the dynamic world of agriculture, where efficiency and performance are paramount, the Swaraj 855 FE tractor stands out as a technological marvel. With its impressive features and cutting-edge capabilities, it has become a preferred choice for farmers across India, which is a great feat considering the availability of a wide range of tractors. Let us look into the key attributes that make the Swaraj 855 FE tractor a symbol of technological advancement in the agricultural landscape.

Powerful Engine

855 Swaraj HP ranges between 50 and 55 HP, which makes it a robust engine. This power, produced at an engine RPM of 2000, is essential for handling demanding farm operations such as haulage activities. The 3307 CC engine with 3 cylinders ensures optimal performance even in challenging conditions.

The liquid-cooled system with an oil cooler further attests to its advanced engineering. This cooling mechanism effectively absorbs and dissipates the heat generated during operations, maintaining the engine temperature at optimum levels.

The inclusion of a 3-stage Oil bath air filter in the new model enhances the efficiency of the filtration system, providing clean air to the engine. This not only prolongs the engine’s life but also ensures consistent and reliable performance. 

Efficient Transmission System

The Swaraj 855 FE features a combination of sliding and constant mesh gearbox, offering a seamless transmission experience. The gear pattern of 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears allows for multiple speeds, catering to a variety of farm applications. The model comes with a forward and reverse speed that can reach up to 30.90 km/h and 15.10 km/h, respectively. The central shift gear position not only optimizes space on the platform but also contributes to the tractor’s overall economic efficiency.

Versatile Power Take-Off (PTO)

With a PTO horsepower of 46, the Swaraj 855 FE can effortlessly operate a range of tractor implements, from planting and threshing to pumping water and tilling the soil. The 540 RPM / 1000 RPM PTO speed and multi speed forward and reverse PTO functionalities provide versatility, allowing the use of implements like Power Harrow, Shredder, and Grooming Mower. The inclusion of Reverse PTO adds another layer of functionality, facilitating the removal of material stuck in the implement’s blades.

Robust Hydraulics

The tractor’s lifting capacity of 1700 kg makes it suitable for handling heavy implements like a Baler and a Cutter Mixer Feeder. The 3-point linkages with implement pins of CAT I and II-type enhance compatibility with various tractor attachments. The Automatic Draft and depth Control (ADDC) hydraulic controls ensure uniform implement depth, and the mix control optimizes field output by allowing simultaneous use of draft and position controls.

Optimal Weight & Dimensions

Weighing 2020 kg, the Swaraj 855 FE strikes a balance between stability on and off the road. The dimensions of 1715 mm in width, 3420 mm in length, 400 mm ground clearance, and a wheelbase of 2050 mm contribute to stability and efficient inter-cultivation operations without causing damage to plants.

Advanced Brakes & Steering

The tractor offers dry disc brakes, with oil-immersed disc brakes available as an optional upgrade. This provides flexibility based on the user’s preference and maintenance requirements. The availability of both mechanical and power steering options further enhances the tractor’s usability, ensuring both safety and economic viability.

Superior Wheel Drive & Tyres

Equipped with front tyres measuring 6.00 x 16 / 7.50 x 16 and rear tyres measuring 13.6 X 28 / 14.9 X 28, the Swaraj 855 FE ensures stability on the road and effective shock absorption. This is crucial for smooth operations, especially when dealing with heavy loads.

Environmental Considerations

Adhering to Bharat Trem III emission standards, the Swaraj 855 FE emits fewer pollutants into the air, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability and the well-being of communities. This also offers peace of mind to the farmers that while they are using their tractor the same as others, their tractor model has less carbon footprint compared to others, which is a significant involvement in the overall sustainability of the environment.

Additional Features for Precision Farming

The adjustable front axle makes the tractor ideal for precision farming operations, such as potato farming. The directional control valve simplifies the operation of external hydraulic implements, providing ease of use for implements like the reversible MB plough.


With a warranty period of 2 years or 2000 hours, the Swaraj 855 FE offers peace of mind to farmers. This warranty ensures that the farmers can work on their farms without any worry of the tractor not functioning efficiently. It also reduces the overall maintenance cost for farmers for two years. 


In conclusion, the Swaraj 855 FE tractor stands at the forefront of agricultural technology, combining power, efficiency, and versatility. Its advanced features make it a reliable companion for farmers, contributing to increased productivity and sustainable farming practices. As the agricultural landscape continues to evolve, the Swaraj 855 FE remains a beacon of innovation, meeting the ever-growing demands of modern farming.


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