Me Casa in the Digest Lunchbox

by Victoria Keenan

Me Casa in the Digest Lunchbox


No matter where you may be from around the world, you have probably enjoyed some good Latin food, and loved it. Who would turn down some classic chicken, rice and beans, and empanadas? Not this girl, and not the Digest staff either. Luckily, we were graced with Jersey City’s Me Casa in our Lunchbox this week, and our Latin food fix was fulfilled.

Me Casa in the Digest LunchboxMe Casa is the only fullservice Puerto Rican restaurant in downtown Jersey City, and prides themselves on serving customers the highest quality authentic dishes. They serve the classics like pernil and mofongo for lunch and dinner, bringing the Latin culture, taste, and feel to Hudson County. The restaurant also caters and delivers, making sure people get their favorite foods whenever they want.

Me Casa in the Digest LunchboxWe were served up some of their (and our) favorite platters of food, including their delicious empanadas, stuffed with beef and chicken, and the alcapurrias, which are fried mashed green bananas and yucca stuffed with Latin style ground beef. We also had an order of Plantains, the classic and always yummy Yellow Rice with Red Beans, Pernil, pork made traditionally with crispy skin, and Chicharron de pollo, garlicky and tasty marinated chicken.

A favorite amongst the staff, we loved all of Me Casa’s traditional dishes, and plan to bring more of that Latin flare into the office again soon. Until next week!


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