How to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy During Winter

by Victoria Keenan

How to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy in Winter

Many people think that summer is the only time damage can be done to our skin and hair, when in fact, the cold of winter brings along just as many issues. Windburn, anyone? Using the right products will not only keep skin and hair moisturized, but will also protect your body from both germs and the weather (this goes for you guys too!). Here’s how to keep your skin and hair healthy with some of the best locally found products to fight the elements and to keep your body happy and nourished through spring.

How to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy in Winter

Let’s start at the top. Just as the sun can dry out your hair, so can the winter air. Constantly washing may seem like the best option, but in reality, most shampoos strip hair of moisture. This causes flyaways, split ends, and static. Maybe hat hair isn’t that bad after all! The best bet on how to keep your hair healthy in winter, is to use a hydrating shampoo and a deep conditioner. Lathering up will keep hair healthy, and keep the scalp from getting dry. Ladies, try a shampoo like Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and for the men, try Burt’s Bees More Moisture Baobab Conditioner (or shampoo)

Our faces get the brunt of the winter chill, with the wind drying out our eyes, nose, and lips. When everything starts to burn and crack, it’s time to up the moisture levels in your routine.

Jahnalyn Tricarico, owner of Luxe Face and Body at 158 1st Street in Hoboken, says that as far as cold weather goes, the air dries out the skin tremendously, which requires an action on the salons end to restore it. Tricarico explained, “Basically my motto is skin is skin. It doesn’t matter what the bottle looks like (for men or for woman).” That’s right guys, you can dive into your mom’s, girlfriend’s or wife’s cleansers and creams too! “A key product is our facial Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser, which is sugar based and great for dry skin. One of our top sellers for the winter to restore is the Juara Avocado Banana Moisture Mask, as quick treatment goes,” said Tricarico.

How to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy in Winter

Stella Bella Bar @taprootorganics

Daniel Grunes, Co-Founder of Taproot Organics, of Jersey City, believes that because the dry air cracks hands and lips, moisture is the key to battle the winter and weather proof your skin. Grunes explained the importance of avoiding anything with petroleum byproducts, water and alcohol. “Opt for skincare that is made up primarily of skin loving, moisturizing ingredients like our  Ultimate Shea Butter Soap line, designed to impart a higher level of moisture to your whole body. Stella Bella is just as moisturizing, but made with gentle needs skin in mind. I designed it for my daughter, it’s infused with 92% Chamomile and Calendula in Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil.”

How to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy in Winter


A handmade soap and skin care company based out of Jersey City is Soap for Sinners. There products  are all organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty free. Use the Lavender Mist + Serum to hydrate the face, the Naked Lips Lip Balm for your wind chapped lips, and the Coffee Body Scrub to detox and exfoliate, and you have yourself a cold weather package to cure any winter skin aliment.

There’s no avoiding the cold weather woes, especially the wind chill across the Hudson. Keep a supply of good products in tow, and you’re sure to combat those freezing temperatures. Until then, keep those scarves and jackets wrapped up tight and think warm weather thoughts.


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